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Dear Camille Paglia, The Art of Aging Gracefully is a Process That Requires No Interpretation

Social critic Camille Paglia recently penned a scathing essay for The Hollywood Reporter, where she blasted the three women I love most in the world — Madonna, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez (yes, in that order) for not possessing the admirable attributes of icons like Jane Fonda and the late Lena Horne when it comes to aging.

The art of aging is exactly that — it’s art.

There is no proper interpretation that exceeds the personal endeavors or preferences of those who are forced to perform such a hefty undertaking for the world to see and vandalize. The irony of it all is that these celebrated targets have never wavered from the silent contract they signed — with us — as witnesses — as they were becoming what they have become.

Especially with a “Booty” that puts any twenty-something to shame.

It’s off-putting that Paglia would shame a woman who has worked hard to earn her millions and fame, based on her decision to continue to use her stunning assets to heighten the WOW factor with each passing year.

When Booty calls, JLo to the rescue!
Outfits come and go but talent…

Aging will never be a graceful act that can be interpreted for the viewing pleasure of skeptics who are armed with verbal ammunition and a pressing need to grade accordingly.

The body is not a reliable interface for social scorn because it is subject to ongoing revisions that at times involve our input but generally we are left with a shell that only the spirit can save when all else fails.

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