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Dear Black People, We Don’t Need The Oscars. So, Forget About It!

The Oscar nominations were announced bright and early on Thursday morning.
It’s always an epic affair when that moment arrives.
However, the excitement usually ends for Black Hollywood after the list has been exhausted and reality quickly and slowly sets in.

We’ve been screwed. Again.

The angry tweets and memes take over the landscape of social media as the sting of defeat inspires the yearly onset of rage against the machine.

A machine that doesn’t give a damn about what black people think because they don’t have to. It’s really that simple.

Hollywood is an old institution and like most elderly white males — it doesn’t have the ability to internalize anything outside the norm. Nor does it want to.

No matter how much the issue of diversity is raised, analyzed, scrutinized and even mandated — we can rest assured that nothing will ever change.

The fact that the Academy elected a black woman as president means absolutely nothing. She’s just a prop that appears and disappears depending on the state of the decor around her. She’s useless.
And so are the legions of black talent when it comes to commanding respect and recognition from an organization hell bent on sticking to the code of requirements that make no allowances for outsiders.

We’ve always been aware of this but somehow it escapes us. We robotically fall for the likelihood that maybe — just maybe we can prove ourselves wrong.

That day isn’t coming any time soon — in fact its arrival is indefinitely suspended.

Seriously. We need to forget about the Oscars.

We need to literally pretend that it doesn’t exist. We need to create our own viable and prestigious forum that gives us the power to override anything or anyone outside our realm.
It’s time to stop demanding the attention we will never get. To seek the validation we will never find and to end this need to be a part of something that isn’t within our grasp.

It’s pathetic and unnecessary.

If you keep getting dissed by your abuser— why the hell would you go back for more?

Oscar-winners aren’t really that special. Just ask Halle Berry, Cuba Gooding Jr., Mo’Nique, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marisa Tomei, the list goes on.
It’s all a facade. A very bloated and expensive production that gives the illusion of greatness when in actuality it’s a popularity contest that utilizes recycled contestants and then draws from a narrow pool to replace the ones that are of no use.

Sounds wack, right? That’s because it is.

Nobody needs the Oscars especially black people.
So, let’s forget about it and chill. You’ll be amazed at what silence, foresight and dedication can muster.
No nominations? No problem! Next!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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