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Dear Black Men, Nate Parker Isn’t Being Screwed By the System, It’s the Other Way Around

Okay. I just vacated a Twitter spat that has me all intertwined in my feelings and since I’m especially challenged because I am weathering cramps and an emotionally charged shell — I am trying to remain cool, calm and reasonably confused.

It has just occurred to me that Black men are taking Nate Parker’s ongoing saga very personally. He represents the hope for the future. He came out of nowhere and unleashed Birth of a Nation — a movie that is supposed to scatter any doubt that #OscarSoWhite is on its way to extinction.

We didn’t pray for a savior but somehow he appeared just in time.

Like everything else in life — when things line up for the benefit of our joy and validation — the system works overtime to destroy our hopes and pride.

Yes, this is a legitimate accusation that carries a ton of weight.

There is no question that Black men continue to pay their dues when it comes to adequately securing their place in a country that sees them as disposable and acts accordingly.

I promise you that Nate Parker raping that poor college student years ago doesn’t fall into the category of a Black man being punished for being too dope for words. This a case that was filtered through the chambers of justice and somehow both Parker and his accomplice/co-writer of his much-hyped gem were acquitted of all charges.

That means shit in my book. White cops who murder people of color are acquitted all the time and we all know that it’s bullshit but, it happens anyway.

We live in a time when the truth is readily available if you really seek it. You can either bask in your ignorance and obstinance or click through feeds of information to help propel your solid conclusion.

Black men are afraid to admit that Nate Parker fucked up because somehow he represents everything that is justified when it comes to being the toast of the town — based on your achievements and range of hustle mode. He did the damn thing and just when he is about to kill the game by giving his race much needed credibility and durability — shit hits the fan.

Yeah, it doesn’t look good.

But, that has nothing to do with race relations in America or the fact that a White woman spitefully woke up the morning after and decided that she was going to ruin the lives of the men she coherently fucked the night before.

This is about a rape. A young girl was drunk and not in the right frame of mind to receive the coarse entry of two dicks that needed to be disciplined.

Nate Parker and Jean McGianni Celestin were attending Penn State University and had a lot to be stoked about and they decided to celebrate by taking advantage of a woman that was in no shape to accommodate such heightened lust.

She ended up killing herself.

It could’ve been anything. But the fact that the two guys who violated her never atoned for their sins — couldn’t have helped gauge her life past the age of 30.

I have been a victim of sexual abuse and I understand how that experience sets you up for a life filled with more misses than wins. I get how your entire countenance shifts without warning as you try with all your might to remind yourself that you are worthy of all the things most of you take for granted.

I am particularly repulsed by the way Black men and some Black women choose to view this issue. It is watered down to a case of White vs. Black or the epic Battle of the Sexes.

But, it is mostly a feeble attempt by Black men to make a case for one of their own.

It happened so damn long ago — who cares? She was White — of course she is going to accuse a Black man of rape — that’s an old trick that never dies. Any Black woman who urges her people to boycott the movie of the year is a pathetic traitor. Why can’t you support the efforts of a Black man who is poised for greatness based purely on his own merit?

Because he is a rapist.

It has nothing at all to do with abandoning the narrative of grief and despair that continues to pummel my community. It has everything to do with the fact that I am a woman who has been around the block. I know what it smells like when a man has been poking into a hole that he is desperate to inhabit — at all costs.

This scandal reeks beyond what any of us can imagine and I will not pretend I can breath easy when I am suffocating. Again.

Nate Parker is not a victim of his circumstance. He created his nightmare and now he is being forced to assume all the credit.

I get why Black men feel the need to give him a pass but, please guys — don’t do it.

Think of you daughters, sisters, nieces, and cousins. If some dude tried to trap them into keeping their legs wide enough for fulfillment — how would you respond? Right. Race wouldn’t even be a factor in the mayhem you would exact on the attacker.

The system isn’t screwing up Nate Parker’s dimming future. It’s the other way around. And you know it.

So, stop the madness and stand up for justice. The women in your life deserve that much.

So do you.



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