What a sight for horrified eyes!

Dear Baltimore Police, Please Stop Endorsing Systemic Brutality Against Black Youths

Let’s face it, Baltimore City doesn’t have the grandest of reputations, thanks to the heightened climate of violence that has been assigned as the official badge of dishonor through the outlets of pop culture in TV shows like The Wire, documentaries like Baltimore Rising, that details the season of civil unrest, that plagued the historically traumatized city, after the tragic murder of Freddie Gray while he was in the custody of rogue cops.

How can you trap a population that exhaustively tries to dodge the immovable minefield that has been constructed for mental and physical anguish?

Instead of championing the brutalization of Black youths with online campaigns, perhaps it would be best if law enforcement took a cold, hard look at the dire state-of-affairs that designates police officers as badged assassins, who have turned their methodical actions into a nationalized killing machine, that serves as the deadliest form of domestic terrorism.

The truth hurts

Dear Baltimore Police, feel free to take the lead on this!

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