What a sight for horrified eyes!

Dear Baltimore Police, Please Stop Endorsing Systemic Brutality Against Black Youths

Let’s face it, Baltimore City doesn’t have the grandest of reputations, thanks to the heightened climate of violence that has been assigned as the official badge of dishonor through the outlets of pop culture in TV shows like The Wire, documentaries like Baltimore Rising, that details the season of civil unrest, that plagued the historically traumatized city, after the tragic murder of Freddie Gray while he was in the custody of rogue cops.

There’s no escape from the brewed turmoil that boasts a tight grip on a community that’s paying the ultimate price for being systemically embroiled in a never-ending hatefest, that keeps the ongoing hostility between police officers and the Black folks they have sworn never to protect — unrelentingly activated.

It’s quite clear that the code of ethics of law enforcement across the country, that centers around deadliness erupting, when patrolling mostly Black and Brown neighborhoods, habitually turns into nefarious activity of hunting down expendable prey for the benefit of fulfilling the problematic quota system.

This criminalized method of policing vulnerable targets is particularly aggressive in major cities that contain meaty incentives that are bullishly pursued in the name of societal oppression.

If you want an in-depth study that focuses on how uniformed gangsters implement unlawful tactics, targeting Black and Brown youths, who are processed for unnecessary jail time based on manipulated interrogations, and practiced harassment that garner endorsement from high-ranking officials, who issue those damning directives — you must check out the award-winning documentary Crime +Punishment — that’s currently streaming on Hulu.

In the meantime, we have a major situation to address, and as usual the culprit is social media, and how these popular platforms that were meant to bring us together, have been weaponized for the displeasure of advancing questionable agendas of ordained institutions, that are manned by evildoers, who are determined to devalue the industrious efforts of online and street activism.

Twitter makes it effortless for our shameless detractors to compose characters into the venomous messaging that provides haunting proof of why your neighborhood police station isn’t the best option when your life depends on a a daunting rescue plan.

Why did the Baltimore City FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) decide to issue an ominous warning to stationed officers, that was purposely drafted with the undertones of overt bigotry against Black youths, that were evidently taking advantage of the long weekend by creating some chaos in downtown Baltimore?

The offensive tweet was posted during a period that would typically require extra reinforcement, and this reality is the main assignment for well-trained officers, who should already be on standby, and more than willing to jump in and deescalate active situations that have the strong likelihood of rapidly getting out of hand.

Needless to say, this was a deadly reception with the added “fuck you” to the unruly Black youths, converged at the Inner Harbor, who were officially propped up for imminent danger and possible death by union president Sgt. Mike Mancuso, who went full-on “Rambo” with his firm declaration to reckless cops to not “fall into the trap” that echoes the sentiment of how “they are only kids,” because “some are criminals!”

It didn’t take long for online users to swiftly swoop in for the kill with the passionate demolishment of the callous approach from a demonstratively reluctant community leader, who isn’t interested in actively maximizing his influential position in the attempt to improve dysfunctional relations between his unit of armed bandits, and the unarmed victims who aren’t permitted the allowance of humanizing treatments that insulate their luckier White counterparts.

This was my tweeted response to the disgustingly vile tweet that saddened more than angered.

It’s a real shame that the Baltimore Police saw it fit to release an unsightly statement from a verified account, that continues the tradition of inciting violence against Black youths through the vilification of their fragile community.

There’s no way out of stereotypical assassinations that help facilitate the systemic injustice that won’t end until law enforcement agrees to shoulder most of the blame. We all know that it stems from gross negligence and the failure to professionally execute job duties with the mandate of saving lives — as opposed to the opposite effect.

What Sgt. Mike Mancuso wickedly signed off reads like an approved letter of execution, that gives police brutality the continued legality required to maintain the bloodied status of crippled neighborhoods, that will never fully recover from domestic terrorists roaming their streets, with the unyielding thirst for fresh blood.

How dare the Baltimore Police misuse its power by authorizing systemic brutality as the language of discipline for “criminal kids” who are being unfairly touted as “victims” by soldiers of “wokeness.”

These defectors are enemies of the police force because of the determination to hijack the direction of focused attacks, that are rightfully aimed at power-hungry perpetrators, who are cowardly enough to be seduced by the thrill of physically assaulting and shooting down unarmed Black victims with zero ramifications.

Why the hell isn’t there any remorse for all the Black lives that have been silenced by gun-totting maniacs, who aren’t capable of distinguishing between the template of a Black kid or a Black adult?

Where is “the trap” for unsuspecting cops to fall into, when it’s really Black kids that are facing daily threats of clear and present danger when faced with harrowing encounters with White cops, who don’t think twice about pulling the trigger, multiple times, when confronting Black teens, running for their lives, until the fatal blow of bullets.

Where is the imaginary “trap” that prevents two White cops from dangerously assuming that a young Black child, who is blissfully enjoying the favorite pastime of every American White child, at local parks, is an imposingly large Black man, brandishing a gun at passersby, and therefore needs to be shot dead like a wild animal on the run?

What about the mentally-ill citizens, who can’t control the unpredictability of their disease, and how it can be exacerbated when untrained and impatient cops act out in ways that flare up symptoms?

Why isn’t it common knowledge that these patients can actually be subdued by humane tendencies of empathetic officers, who don’t ever need to resort to turning Tasers into lethal weapons, that are callously aimed at the chest of helplessly frightened victims, who become casualties of a system that’s been rigged for their untimely demise.

How can you trap a population that exhaustively tries to dodge the immovable minefield that has been constructed for mental and physical anguish?

Instead of championing the brutalization of Black youths with online campaigns, perhaps it would be best if law enforcement took a cold, hard look at the dire state-of-affairs that designates police officers as badged assassins, who have turned their methodical actions into a nationalized killing machine, that serves as the deadliest form of domestic terrorism.

This death trap continues to assault Black lives with the backing of the criminally-inclined judicial system.

If you’re in doubt — watch this:

Shame on the Baltimore Police and double shame on lawmakers, and those who are ambitiously seeking the highest office of the land in the 2020 elections, and yet, prefer to remain silent about a national crisis that keeps digging premature graves for Black children, who are exempt from the privileges of White children, which perfectly explains the acceptable nonchalance.

When you take the oath that tasks your ability to “serve and protect,” there’s the inherent awareness that demands the desire to go above and beyond the call of duty with reverence for human life, and the absolute promise to do whatever it takes to avoid the unfathomable outcome that has become our normalized view.

When unruly Black kids congregate in a maze of disorderly conduct, that shouldn't be the “bat signal” that orders the collection of body bags for potential Black bodies in case shit hits the fan.

Shit has already hit the fan, and it’s splattered everywhere. And so the only thing to do is start the clean up.

Dear Baltimore Police, feel free to take the lead on this!

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