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Dear America, Fuck you!

Dear America, WTF? Trump Threw Paper Towels In Puerto Rico, And Praised The Low Body Count

And other things that blow my mind

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump recently landed in Hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. Melania flawlessly embodied the description of the typical Upper East Sider — surveying areas that are problematically unfamiliar.

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Stylishly concerned

When you observe the interaction of the President with the locals and officials and witness him tossing paper towels in the air — while reminding victims of how much they owe their own country — you have to wonder how any law-abiding citizen can stand up straight during the national anthem.

It’s abundantly clear that when the Commander-in-Chief emphatically promised to Make America Great Again — he didn’t include the “island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.” And even worse — he views the people he doesn’t give a shit about with the exact level of disdain that you imagine.

His response to Hurricane Maria is beyond disgraceful and appalling — it’s downright evil. It recalls the days of slavery when White people callously agreed that Black people needed to be punished for not adhering to basic human requirements. How can anyone with a beating heart — beat innocent lives to the ground without a dent of guilt?

Now, we ask how President Trump can not only delay his response to what is obviously the most code red moment we can muster — but also take the opportunity to remind desperate citizens — clinging to the promise of tomorrow — that they need to do more for survival. They need to quit whining and be grateful that more of them weren’t swept away for eternity.

Trump’s visit was a disaster because like I said — he threw paper towels and proceeded to compare body counts. Yeah, I know — WTF?

Seriously, the guy occupying The White House with the full support of the GOP and Chuck Norris — took the time to explain how Hurricane Katrina was a more dire situation due to the thousands that perished versus the notably insignificant number that is currently assigned to the nagging corner of the earth — surrounded by too much ocean.

The President of the United States of America — scolded the territory he’s responsible for — by demeaning their value in the way he calculated the nonsensical drama surrounding a natural disaster that wasn’t nearly as disastrous as the failing outlets have reported.

Trump’s tour was a PR move to condemn the atmosphere of ownership by reiterating the playbook of what constitutes a true American.

So far, the Trump administration has made it woefully clear that if you’re not White without interference from darker hues — you very simply don’t matter.

Black Lives Matter was activated as the defiant cry against the establishment that was established to maintain our chained status — but it’s now official that brown lives don’t matter — either.

Trump’s patriotism for White America was on display as he spoke with authoritative venom and complete disregard for his vulnerable surroundings.

“I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack.”

The theme seems to be the urgency to hold Puerto Ricans responsible for a fate that is still in the making. Trump is glorious as the reluctant leader who prefers to focus on Whites — and nothing more. He is committed to the mission of proving why we all can’t be identified as Americans — especially when we owe a shit load of money that we should actually be credited for.

Heaven forbid that the former honchos over at Equifax — who scrammed with their loot once the word was out about the data breach — ever pay for the audacity of their actions with earned residue of shame.

Donald Trump is not a leader. He’s a businessman who can’t comprehend the disposition of anyone without an active trust fund. He’s my White boss from JPMorgan who was raised in Boston with millions, and had the privilege of not considering how non-Whites make it in the world he fucks over.

Trump is a competitor who aims to win at all costs.

He won’t be shamed into the concept of his glaring incapabilities because he’s a numbers man. He calculates the facts according to White man’s logic.

There’s no patience for beggars who choose to be choosers when faced with life and death scenarios on a daily basis. These victims want to live and they deserve to be rescued with the temperance of lawful patriotism that foresees the damage — and plans accordingly.

Instead, our White president proved why White people have the natural tendencies towards deplorability. He was accusatory, critical, pompous, deplorable, dishonest, impatient, unimpressed, unpatriotic, disgusting and un-American.

The greatness of America lies in the spirit of generosity and the love of mankind in the simplest terms. It’s not the biblical quotes or the ask for prayers that always remain unanswered — for good reason.

It’s the ability to join forces with good as you avoid the stomach-churning task of absolving the sins you carry with each insult — that is plastered on your profile with the glee from Twitter — your source of unrelenting power.

Trump threw paper towels at a gathering of paupers and the bitten leaders that are trying to keep faith alive — without the guidance that is reserved for sons of Kings — who perish in the big ocean, but are found after no debate of valued life.

According to The New York Post:

Finding the wreckage of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane — and pulling it from the ocean floor — has cost taxpayers over $500,000, according to government and private estimates.

The exact cost may be hard to determine — one reason is that Coast Guard and military personnel earn their salaries whether or not they’re on search and rescue missions.

But some costs are known:

*Coast Guard officials estimate their total cost was nearly $492,000. Coast Guard planes and ships began searching for JFK Jr., his wife and his sister-in-law after their plane was reported missing early on July 17.

White people are more valuable — period. This is no disrespect to The Kennedy’s or the rightful venture of retrieving the body of the son of a former president, but why can’t every American enjoy the privilege of citizenship?

The reason lies in the belief that White lives matter more, and even though this isn’t breaking news — the sickening tour of President Trump leaves people of color more vulnerable to the elements of programmed disposal.

That’s explains why White supremacy was sworn in as the mandated lifestyle — earlier this year.

Hail to the Chief? Nah! But, seriously, WTF, America?

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