Dear America, We Literally Don’t Have a President

The past weekend ended on a shitty note, and by that I mean on all counts. Aside from my own familial tragedy of unexpected loss, there was also the national mourning for the late John McCain, who died from brain cancer, which was expected when it was announced that he had chosen to stop treatment. But regardless of how you felt about the war hero and beloved Senator, there’s no way to downplay his contribution to the overall fabric of this country.

And then there’s the mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, that took place at a location that provides recreational activities for gamers, and when it was all over, three people died, including the twenty-four-year old shooter, while eleven people were critically wounded.

It was a football video game competition, and David Katz, a White male, originally from Baltimore, traveled to Jacksonville to participate in the tournament, that happened to be stationed in a shopping mall known as the Jacksonville Landing in the downtown area.

Katz opened fire during the live stream of the game, and CNN was one of the outlets that replayed the moments before and after the shooting, and the horrified screams in reaction to the interruption supplied by the sound of gunshots — is a chilling sound that adds to the expanding symphony of these kinds of events.

The murderer entered the nearby Chicago Pizza, after his shooting spree, and took his own life.

As the news cycle goes into familiar mode of gathering and packaging pertinent information, including the pressing inquiry of what motivated a young White male with his whole life ahead of him, to perform an inexplicably vile act of violence — there’s also the reprehensible attitude of the Commander-in-Chief, who didn’t uttered a word about what can easily be categorized as a national crisis.

Dear America, we literally don’t have a president.

Gun violence is the religion of choice in a country that’s embedded in the righteous belief of it’s bountifulness — and how the incomparable beauty that knows no bounds — demands the level of patriotism that surpasses all understanding.

And yet, the systemized brutality that envelops a climate that has been disciplined into the acceptance of how our lives are readily expendable, as a form of currency for cowardly lions that parade the premises with the audacity of their bloody greed — is evidence of how something so beautiful can breed an unsightly mess.

President Donald Trump absolutely doesn’t give a fuck about America, and the White Americans that he pretends to care so much about, are slowly discovering how very little they matter in his grand scheme of things.

That could explain the rage that manifests in the extreme violence gripping the nation, as White terrorists continue their raging duties against Black and Brown citizens, while other characters take on the task of converting outdoor and indoor spaces that service the population — into makeshift gun ranges.

In the midst of the chaos and mayhem that encapsulated an entire weekend, President Trump remained noticeably silent about the shooting in Jacksonville, and instead utilized the sobering period to TREMENDOUSLY highlight the person he loves the most in the whole wide world — himself.

In the hours after the upsetting incident that took lives while seriously injuring a slew of innocent bystanders, caught in the crossfire, not to mention the heartbreak of the reminder of how the gun debate which escalated to new heights after the Parkland school shooting — has failed to yield lifesaving results — Trump issued these back-to-back tweets as proof of his direly tone-deaf disposition.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed by White House press secretary and co-conspirator, Sarah Sanders, that President Trump was promptly briefed about the situation when it occurred. A conversation took place where Gov. Rick Scott was offered support in the form of additional resources.

But it’s quite remarkable, utterly bizarre and woefully disturbing that the leader of an ailing nation, with access to a social media platform that he uses to expresses the range of emotions, that provide the window into his impossibly narrow mind — has chosen to tout his achievements by once again blasting “Fake News Media” — and succumb to the debilitating obsession of the Black man he will never overshadow.

Even if the president is coaxed into issuing a formal response a day later, the damage is already done.

Donald Trump is basically what happens when wealthy parents with too much money and time, refuse to do the job that comes with populating the world with privileged offspring, that grow up without the basic skills of communication or human relations.

The problem child they created is now a man-baby, and we’ve been saddled with the consequences of their gross negligence. Trump never had to experience the agony of defeat or the thrill of overcoming the challenges that most of us weather through the process of maturity.

He was handed the keys to the kingdom the moment he took his first breath, and that resulted in never having to earn a living or garnering the opportunity to learn the definition of working hard for nothing in order to become something.

President Trump isn’t the president.

He’s a rich White asshole who used his money and power to intimidate and lie his way into an institution that he’s tarnished beyond repair. Election 2016 was a disgusting shit show that gave Putin and his henchmen plenty of laughs, at the expense of those of us who are paying the ultimate price.

Historically, when White people fuck up, it’s the marginalized and the vulnerable who suffer, while the privileged are able to blissfully skate through the storminess — unscathed.

Racially motivated crimes are at an all-time high, and even though timelines have taken a break from the hourly posting of footage, that depict White people pompously harassing Black people out of venues that don’t sport “White-only” signs — that doesn’t mean the madness has halted.

The White nationalist movement is still in full swing, under the direction of Steve Bannon, the “resurrected Hitler,” who is still puppeteering the moving parts of the Trump administration, even as he accommodates the assignment of infecting Europe with his diseased rhetoric.

America is presently a leaderless nation.

Trump isn’t remotely interested in being a leader. His sole motivation for seeking the highest office of the land was to enjoy the win, and publicly revel in the notion that he was able to give his detractors the unappetizing view of his sickening presence in the Oval Office.

It should be a terrifying realization that the president of the United States can overtly and purposely bypass a shockingly violent episode on a Sunday evening, by choosing to tweet about why he should be regarded as our “favorite president.”

He ridiculously showcases trumped up accomplishments that are baseless, and only serve as a way for a pathetically immoral loser to continuously embrace his delusions of grandeur.

And while we weather the reality of a con man in The White House, we also have to contend with the traitors of the GOP, who have sold out — and are resolved in their complicity, due to the loyalty to God and the country called Russia — that bought their silence with empty promises.

These are trying times indeed — and while there’s no telling just how bad things are going to get, whatever summation we can muster has to be rooted in the facts and nothing less.

There is no captain manning this out-of-control vessel, and when it crashes, the only thing that will be identifiable is the national anthem — playing forlornly in the background.

Those words won’t save us. That’s why we kneel.

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