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Not just any light. A day of recognition swarming the space of my new abode.

I left a desperate situation that evolved into a lifesaver and then ended with hope.

Hope is all we need.

We need to believe that as we lay in a strange bed with roaches gawking by and loud voices filtering with airy assessment — the good times won’t hinder the goals of now.

Yesterday and today is potent with truth. Tomorrow will surely lead the way. It’s up to you to get it together. You have to light the way.

But, where do we go?

I go where I’ve never been before and take y’all with me. Pen to paper about the injustice we suffer is readable but not pliable on the realm of tangible change.

I’m figuring out the light of my purpose.

Come with me and let’s light it up!

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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