Coffee Shop Musings and 1973

Sitting here in downtown LA waiting

Waiting to board a train

Waiting to be validated for all the years of toil and near death experiences at the hands of my frustrations

Listening to Duran Duran and thinking how appropriate to be told I look 29 when I was actually born in 1973

That was a good year

Nothing to be ashamed of

Just the thrill of having loved ABBA while also wanting to be alone with Drake as he buries his hands down there

Watching the young lad fall back asleep after asking for the time

Staring out the window and observing a very thin girl cross the street

I’m glad I’m not that thin anymore

Or maybe that’s what getting older equals

Letting go of what used be managed and allowing the uncontrollable forces of nature do justice to your thighs, eyes, and knees

The Rapid bus is your best friend in LA

And there she goes!

And here I go

To meet with strangers who will get to know a shit load about me in about an hour


I will call mommy and daddy and ask how their day went

And wonder as I hang up

How many more of these calls are left…

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