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Cheat Sheet on Why Black Women Can’t Stand When Black Men Throw Us Under the Bus that Carries the Purity of White Women

2016 started off quite well for Black women as we banded together and celebrated the ritual of making Lemonade out of the lemons that life doles out with very little notice. Beyonce’s epic offering became a worldwide phenomenon. I expressed my feelings in an essay that took me from the windy city of Chicago to the picturesque digs of South Africa. It seems that what I wrote pulsed the right nerves and for a second I believed that the exposure would lead to bigger and better.

It didn’t — but I’ve never been a pro at marketing myself.

That aside, it genuinely felt great to be a Black woman at the epicenter of an event that didn’t require pain and agony. This was a celebration of the spirit that surrounds us with an embrace that is wide enough to encompass all the reasons why we keep persevering — despite the heaps of disrespect and overtly embarrassing packages we receive from White people and Black men.

Amy Schumer did a spoof of Lemonade that was vehemently ridiculed and slammed by critics who felt that as a privileged White woman in an industry that consistently shuns women of color — she had no business partaking of something that is supposed to be exclusively reserved for us. We rarely get the chance to be celebrated on a righteous scale — and when those moments arrive with fanfare and acknowledgement — we need it to be deprived of women who naturally enjoy the benefits of their skin color and whimsical ignorance.

We need it to be Black — all the way.

Here’s the thing — in case you have been buried under pebbles that are enough to silence your hearing aids — a young gal — Tomi Lahren — who is the spokesperson for White supremacy and might end up leading some kind of initiative on behalf of our racist President-elect — has become a trending topic for White America and Black America.

White America loves her because she is dutifully perfect in her aesthetic. The silky blonde hair is always a reliever, as the doors swing open to accommodate any amount of shit that can be uttered with energetic stupidity. Not all White Americans are sold, but enough subscribe to the hateful delivery— and the fact that she is young is a huge plus. She adorably slams anything that Black America has fought for and everything that we are presently trying to overcome. She does it with classless ammunition. It’s literally impossible to translate her offering because speed overtakes coherency. She represents the chic, modern, and hip bigots that CNN recently touted as the new wave of cool.

There will be more like her around and this isn’t just because she is White and mandated — it’s also due to the Black men who are in positions of power and prefer to use that advantage to uplift the enemy instead of fashioning the women who resemble their hue and deserve the support, respect and exposure.

Tomi Lahren is trending for Black America because Black women are livid with the constant practice of Black men throwing us under the bus in order to facilitate the easy composure of ditsy White girls with careless agendas and limited vocabulary.

The Breakfast Club, a wildly popular radio outlet that plays host to some of the most influential voices of color in the hemisphere recently invited The Daily Show host — Trevor Noah to talk about race and his decision to help elevate the popularity of an already paraded fixture who has reached the point of gag impulses.

It all started when Charlamagne tha God (gimme a break!) tweeted this:

And this:

All hell broke loose of course, as he was read his rights in all sorts of ways that definitely need to be checked out when you have the time to stay entertained long enough to realize that this shit is out of control.

It is beyond tragic that a media personality who happens to be a Black man — feels compelled to call out Black woman in such a deplorable way. What is even worse is his method of making it clear that a blonde girl who is too young and too stupid to realize how her ill-advised tactics are actually costing the lives of people of color and decimating the memory of those who died because of their ethnicity — should be regarded as the standard for blazing through the unhinged avenue of social media stardom.

The undeniable truth is that Lahren is not this twenty-four-year-old wunderkind who stumbled upon on a revolutionary way to deliver her message of hate with seamless precision. She is just a cheerleader who is too visible for her own good and will absolutely grow up one day and look back with quiet reflection and weighty atonement.

She has no business being in the public eye and the stage that she is embodying is provided from backhanded interference that is required to keep up with the present times. She is being funded by the system while Black women with real messages that could potentially save souls and boost a brutally sour morale — are laid to waste without the funding and aid needed to give them the platform to raise their voices with pride and authority.

Trevor Noah’s visit to The Breakfast Club can be viewed here — but let me sum it for you — it sucks ass. He discusses his bipolar NYT piece and basically just re-affirmed the fact that he is disconnected from the fundamentals of race relations in America. He and tha God discuss their ongoing feud with Black women who are incensed about the attention they bestowed on a White girl who proudly denounces Black Lives Matter and the lives that were halted for the purpose of its inauguration.

They defend their decision by claiming that Lahren is a voice that needs to be heard. She already had the nation at her feet, so they don’t feel like they contributed to making her even more of a phenom. Even worse, they feel the responsibility of engaging with a certified airhead — because maybe we can all learn something.

Jesus H. Christ!

Black women are angry.

We don’t have to be classified this way but unfortunately our men make it so easy to profess our anger and frustration. Y’all work so hard to develop our worst characteristics. You enjoy baiting us with the success of White women who don’t really have to work nearly as hard as we have to in order achieve almost close to the same trajectory.

This chick is a sensation for reasons that are hurtfully obvious. Comparing her story to ours is insanity. There are enough Black women in the fields doing amazing work — there are even more women of color in the background doing even more amazing work. Uplifting the voices of our own has never been something that we sleep on while drooling on all the shit that still needs to get done.

There are extensive threads on Twitter that mention the same names over and over again — and it is quite evident that even amongst Black women — the knowledge of the ones in our fold that are doing the damn thing — is sadly narrow and I have to say that we need to do better.

If we can’t recognize our own — then how can we expect others to see us in the light that almost dims?

I could attempt to unleash the list that will educate you on what you have been missing but I won’t. You manage to find the trash that is buried underneath the gems without fail.

So I trust you will do your research and scope out the Black women who don’t rely on surfaced rhetoric and the language of hate and chaos for the assurance of nobility — and the dicks of Black men who are small enough to penetrate the poison of a national cunt.

When you suffer the symptoms of your misbehavior — we will try our best to fix you. That’s what Black women do best.

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