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Ceremony Room: Svenborg Architects

Regalia clam up in response to trumpets of arrival. Lift the veils so they spray the floor with signals of flourished semblance. Take the flustered bows and boost them with arrogance of proposed beauty. Shape the mountains of confetti into pillars of fodder, that line the walls of expectations. Unravel decks of taffeta, covering fleshy wounds with jewels of pus, encrusted under layers of sticky undergarments.

The smell of burning meat give gathered smoke the direction to engulf pots, clapping in unison.

Armies of uniformed bodies lead the charge to measure flags of fabric, that wind around staircases where the end is the post of greetings. Lightning strikes with authority of groomed storms that bloom in epic stance for last minute arrangements. Favors can be called for wearied attendants and welcomers that converge into scrapbooks that will provide testimonies for future revelers.

Masters and mistresses in tow, fatted cows with crowns, bridled horses, ribboned cats, bedazzled dogs, and the registry of humans; assemble in honor of haven’s feast of slaughter.

They tear into live corpses and swallow ears for vitamins. Plunging into walls of dissected sacs that contain diced brethren.

Revenge tastes sweeter when masks of screams match the lost ones that are found in guts of glory.

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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