Cancer, I Wish We Could Quit You

Damn it. Damn you. I wish we could find a way. Find a way to get rid of you but that isn’t happening anytime soon.

No, you’re here to stay.

I did some research. I googled the hell out of your ass. And basically your deal, is that you are too smart for your own good.

Of course you are! How else could you have found a way to sneak in and slyly make your home amongst the legit crew who don’t even want you around.

They thrive just fine without you and yet, somehow you insist on dominating their space. You do that with an agenda in mind.

You are evil, selfish and self-serving. You want it all at any cost. In order to boost your presence — it is necessary for you to devour everything in sight.

So you spread you toxicity and collapse the framework that was intricately curated for our survival.

The fucked up thing about it — is the fact that you deceived us into thinking you were on our side. We made you who you are.

But you secretly knew what was coming. You knew the only way to live was to deceive us into killing ourselves. And your master plan is working like a charm.

You’ve eradicated so many lives and you’re poised to do so much more damage.

It’s not all you though. We done a great job surrendering to the harmful vices that ultimately makes your ugly job — a lot easier.

Everything is screwed and tumultuous.

Our food is soaked in agents with names that resemble scribes from another planet. Our weather patterns have been reversed with results that indicate the end of times.

And the world at large is a valley of putrid insanity — to a degree that compels us to indulge in the very habits that give you so much pleasure.

Pleasure to multiply and release your poisonous offshoots to ruin us into our marked graves.

Your devastation is everywhere. I’ve seen it from a distance and marveled at the sheer brutality of your tedious reign.

I think of the day when you will infiltrate my territory. I am warning you because my present disposition suggests that it may be time for me to gear up for battle.

To protect myself and the ones I care about. I see you rising and wooing the hands of destiny that wrap around my loving brood.

Cancer. Keep away. Keep far, far, away from us.

You are strong and formidably resourceful. But so am I. I will be the enemy who won’t back down — even though so many have tried and failed.

This is the quiet period. This is the time of mercy and grace.

This is me emphatically denying your existence in the hopes that you will disappear and no longer entangle the beautiful souls that were already sacrificed in your name.

It begins with the life-altering script being read to us in earnest as we sit down with glazed eyes and fermented dreams.

It hasn’t happened yet. But the days will go by and each fleeting hour represents the day the truth will be unveiled.


It won’t be. It can’t be. We won’t let it.

We won’t cower to your ability to ingest our stream of existence so you can once again emerge as the king of doom.

We won’t lay back and watch you lead us ever so carefully to the destination of your design.

We can’t abide by the rules of recognition — that make you invincible because you are determined to have us support your filthy mission.

We refuse to continue the ritual of helplessly helping our loves suffer and die without the hint of the promise to save them.

We won’t worship the religion you’ve forced us to practice the moment the air enters and leaves our lungs.

You won’t win.

We will find a way to quit you.

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