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Blogger, The Super Duper Trend Inducer

One word. Period.


Period. The blood that gushes out every so often to prove you are indeed worthy to be called a female?

Christ! Yes. That word is the word of the day by the looks of it.

Get to work Blogger!

Shit. Okay!

1) Why Having Your Period is Now the Badge of Honor (Weak)

2) How Period Sex is the Surefire Way to a Heightened Orgasm (Fair)

3) Have Your Period and Eat Your Cramps Away (Good)

4) Fuck Your Menstruation, and be a Man About It (Excellent)

Crank it out and get it in line with the others that won’t match up. So far I see about ten of them. We’re good Blogger. We’re good.


Except. Game of Thrones. One word. Hodor.

I was on it! I know what to do. We can make it ride all week into the weekend. It’s the scorcher of the moment.

Yes, it is Blogger. You’re a super duper trend inducer!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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