#BlackLivesMatter is not an Event, It’s Reality

It’s beyond the homepage tabs

As 2016 winds down and we enter the kingdom of doom that has been alighted by an electoral season that quite frankly has me wondering whether or not being an American is worth the investment — we can’t ignore the fact that we will close out the year with no resolve when it comes to the racial strife that is gripping the nation with ominous force.

Perhaps, it’s more accurate to delegate this crisis to the parts of the country that are actually affected. Most of White America remains virtually unaffected and dominantly disinterested in what their fellow compatriots are being subjected to on a daily basis.

But, yet they are adamant that we stand on the growing pile of bodies and souls as the national anthem rings in carbonated untruths and an outdated forecast that doesn’t quite translate equally for all involved.

The gross transparency was on display the night of the debates — when Hillary Clinton and her coveted nemesis failed woefully when tested with the opportunity to prove that they are armed and ready to serve and protect the welfare of Black Americans.

Donald Trump once again exaggerated his inability and unwillingness to pretend that he even remotely considers people of color worthy of respect. His misguided summary that “Blacks and Latinos are living in hell” was the bloated business mogul’s attempt at twisting the knife into the wound that gapes each time over-blown bigots explain that our communities are shit because we ruin everything we touch.

His stance is borne out of the reckless theory that we are beyond assistance because we’ve perfected the art of playing the victim. White cops kill us because they have no choice. We keep getting decimated because we make poor choices.

It’s so simple that even a deceitful, racist, sexist, and pathetic pig who hordes millions of dollars to secure his fragile ego — gets it without practice.

Hillary Clinton didn’t fare that much better — although her tactic was way more admissible. She was prepared to slay and she did. But, when you consider her assignment — you have to admit that anyone with a brain and basic world knowledge would’ve come out on top.

Her rehearsed verbal thesis sounded distantly prophetic. Does that woman even have a personality? Her bland gestures aside — her delivery contained no hints of passion or persuasion. This realization didn’t help her cause when she read off her promises to the Black community and highlighted the obvious references.

Black people are steeped in the doctrine of the church, so “faith-leaders” will be her continued point of contact. We are in desperate need of attention as it pertains to the systematic attack that has been levied on us since the beginning of time.

Of course her dismal track record which she shares with her husband, former president Bill Clinton can’t be erased or forgotten. The nineties was a period that ushered in the drastic breakdown of the family unit — as Black and Latino men were tossed into the slammer for crimes that can’t even match the roster of filth that Wall Street thugs record with no hassle.

That aside, Clinton sounded poetically formal. That is actually the crux of the issue when it comes to tackling the river of discontent that leads to racial divisiveness.

When the media sounds the alarm that alerts us to another Black man’s tragic demise at the hands of bigoted cops — the think pieces and carefully constructed news bits filter at rapid speed. I read and then I write. Not long after posting — I notice that a temporary tab has been initiated to accommodate my analysis.

At first — it felt good to know that editors were paying attention to the story of the moment and readers were moved by my words. But, after multiple times of being treated to this never-ending exercise — it became quite clear that I was part of a ritual that doesn’t adequately provide the level of justice that we all should be seeking.

#BlackLivesMatter is not an event that erupts as an impromptu staging that requires key players that include, the victims, the writers who formulate the right verses to mourn them and the readers who willingly participate in the service of acknowledgement.

It’s not a movement headlined by bored attention-addicts who are relying on the actions of misfits to keep them in business. The protests that grip the key areas of America aren’t comprised of band members that move to the beat of chaos and mayhem in order to satisfy their quota of bad behavior.

This is reality. We are fighting for our lives. We are strategizing ways that guarantee our survival. We are protecting the ones we love at the expense of our own existence. We are Americans and yet, we are treated like we literally arrived here in chains and bolts — against our will.

Shit! Wait. We did. That explains a lot.

They say that if you can’t relate — you either have to be instinctively invested or comfortably nonchalant.

There is no doubt that most of White America embodies the latter — including our two esteemed presidential candidates.

Black America doesn’t have the time or energy to convince you that our community is under attack. If the graphic videos, damning evidence and roster of murdered citizens haven’t been convincing enough — then absolutely nothing we say or curate can ever pierce your hardened arteries.

But, don’t imagine for a second that your mental negligence invalidates our mission and desire to demand retribution from years past as well as the assurance that as we move forward — we will be treated like valued members of this incoherent society.

When those of us with literary backing feel compelled to illustrate the remnants of our war-torn disposition — don’t prop up our finished products with mechanical zeal. This is an ongoing rampage that doesn’t qualify for the “here now, gone tomorrow” time slot.

We are here to stay.

We will not be removed until those in power and beyond reinforce the verses of the anthem that you love so much. America can never be beautiful if it exposes its ugly side to those of us who don’t deserve it.

So, set your homepage tabs accordingly — because this is going to be a very long ride.

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