#BlackLivesMatter is Necessary Because White Lives Matter More

No matter how we try to escape the truth of police brutality against people of color — the evidence at our disposal is strikingly illustrative of why Black America is in uproar.

I’ve decided that the likes of Sean Hannity who are part of an entity that strives to dismantle the fact that Black people are truly hunted animals — enjoy mocking the notion that we dare to fight for the right to live.

Hannity is a gross human being. So gross, that he harassed a reporter stationed in Baton Rouge — the site of a protest in the name of Black injustice.

The Fox News henchman demanded to know why Black people feel the need to remind clueless folks that we are in fact actual human beings.

His disruptive pursuits perfectly sum up why we have to work so hard for basic rights.

Anyone that entertains the thought that #BlackLivesMatter is our version of Black privilege is seriously fucked up.

The crowd was on a mission. They needed to validate the life of a local man that was destroyed by a White cop for reasons that will never measure up.

But Sean Hannity was also on assignment.

His task was to invalidate a well-thought out plan by jeering at the message and rendering the participants — unworthy.

#BlackLivesMatter is a movement that despite the rampant killings and bereaved families — still manages to save lives daily.

Black people need this ordained reinforcement because White America has declared war on Black America.

Shit is going down and we’re dying faster than ants trampled over the hill of dust.

White people get to do whatever they want — wherever and survive the program — but Black people can’t risk being rambunctious.

Tamir Rice tried being a 12-year-old boy starring in a western and he was shot to death with a real gun. By a real person.

That’s fucking unreal.

But, like they say. You can’t relate until it happens to you.

Since its pretty clear that no White man or woman will ever be shot to death for being White — Black people have to distinguish themselves from the elite.

We have to come to terms with the fact that unless we publicly identify ourselves as humans — we will continue to be subjected to inhumane treatments.

The smug approach and lack of compassion for a race that has been consistently stripped and regulated to unimaginable fodder is the epitome of White privilege.

I don’t believe that in his quiet moments — Hannity struggles with identifying why #BlackLivesMatter was instituted.

I think he’s like most White people who are so removed from the horrors of racial discord that they prefer to maintain that distance in order to sleep really well at night.

Y’all know we’re suffering and while some of you empathize the rest of you continue to prove why we need to embarrassingly convince you that we Matter.

So, here’s the deal. If we had the same rights that White America enjoys without question — Black America wouldn’t have the audacity to proclaim why they deserve a chance to make it — against all odds.

This isn’t an attention seeking venture and it’s not a festival sponsored by organizations that have nothing better to invest in. It’s not a fad that will fade once the cries die out.

#BlackLivesMatter is the passport that every Black person needs in order to be secured in the knowledge that when a White cop strikes again — the movement will strike back.

That’s how we roll.

If you don’t like it — maybe you can spend your time and energy tackling the complex graph of race relations in America.

We need a solution and until that Whiz kid comes up with the winning formula — Black people are screwed.

That’s why #BlackLivesMatter is a thing.


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