Beyonce Took Me To South Africa!

Beyonce took me to South Africa! I wrote a piece about her earth-shattering love letter — Lemonade and I swear it started out as a diary.

I never imagined that watching her latest offering would evoke the level of guilt, confusion, regret, appreciation and realization that showered over me.

But it did.

So, the next day — after a well fueled strut on the treadmill, I took a seat outside the Starbucks next door and gave my emotions the validation it deserved.

I never write for attention. Ever. I’m just not made that way. I go with my gut.

And what it comes down to it — my unrelenting need to purge out the clogged up arteries of expression that torment me — until I set them free.

Lately, it seems like the words I share are resonating in a way that validates me but also separates me from the ones I thought supported my efforts.

I’m not trying to be someone I’m not. I’ve always been a flowery writer.

Dramatic and at times — distractingly wordy.

But since I will never be the actress I wanted to be — this is my way of making up for that unrequited dream.

I’m losing you. Okay, back to the center of the story.

Basically — the piece I wrote took off like a bat outta hell.

Huffington Post asked for it. And two radio stations invited extended the offer to speak about it.

Again, I never set out to make this happen. All I want at this point in time is a job that pays.

Huffington Post doesn’t pay even though they are stationed to reap the benefits that Medium has effortlessly afforded them.

It’s cool. The exposure did garner me the radio interview with the station in Chicago.

But. I definitely don’t want to encourage the habitual practice of hard-working writers getting paid zero — for their material.

It’s simply not fair.

When the radio show in Johannesburg reached out — I was blown away.

They mentioned my piece. They mentioned Medium. And it was a wake up call.

Medium is literally a medium.

There is no telling what can happen after you hit publish.

The possibilities are endless if you score the right notes.

Or the testimony that resonates beyond the scope of your imagination.

I have to admit that I was secretly pleased that they were drawn to the pool of Medium and not Huffington Post.

I use this platform when I am lost in the embrace of wild abandonment.

So, there you have it. And here is the interview that I gave this morning.

It’s not perfect. But it’s not terrible.

I felt the need to share not because I’m boasting but really to log in the evidence of what it means to be a part of this community.

And also to loudly proclaim that:

Beyonce took me to South Africa!

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!