Be Thankful for the Little Things Because They Are Big Things to a Hampered Few

Be thankful that you get to spend the season with your family. Be grateful that you can actually afford to spend the season with the ones you love and bask in the glow of the fact that they all love you back.

Be grateful that you spent the year working hard and now that its winding down — you get to seat back and reap the benefits of an excellent work ethic with the luck you need to propel your dreams.

Be grateful you have the energy to believe that you can realize the impossible. Be happy that you can summon enough strength to weather the bad days and the good with equal measure.

Be grateful that didn’t start off life with a childhood trauma that seasoned the length of your days with the consequences that you tried so hard to overcome, but unfortunately stolen innocence can’t ever be repaired or reshuffled to make you nine again.

Be grateful that you can enjoy life like normal people do. You know, the ones that look great, act like humans and display their good fortune in click mode. You are one of them and that’s a blessing. You don’t have to feel like an alien as you repurpose words over and over again so you don’t give away the truth about what you really are.

Be grateful that you wake up with great expectations and end the day closer to those aspirations because you paid your dues. You don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out why the sacrifices you made ended up in the shitter.

Be grateful that you can believe in something and fuel that adherence to your advantage because it makes enough sense to keep you afloat when the tide gets stubbornly abrasive.

Be grateful that you don’t have to beg the dark to never change hue so that you can be swallowed whole and relieved of the responsibility of being the very best miserable person you can possibly be.

Be grateful that you can recognize the sparkle in others and catch it without being disarmed by how bright it shines. Be grateful that you can sit alone and not conjure up innovative ways to leave behind the devastation of a spirit that you can’t stand to host for longer than you’ve already accommodated.

Be grateful for the legion of friends that love you so much for being so lovable. Be grateful for the welcomed solitude that you can afford to delegate as comfort and indulgence — while others recite the mental aura of survival as beads of sweat saturate their overrun soul.

Be grateful that you are able to recognize how lucky you are. Luck isn’t just earned its given. It’s a privilege to have all the things that you ever wanted as more surfaces without residue and refuses to ask a goddamn thing from you — except the hard work and endurance that you gave with reassurance of the assigned outcome.

Be grateful you don’t have to be a slobbering drunk in the presence of no one as tears of regret imprint your face — as you silently celebrate the ones who by God’s fucking grace escaped your undeserved fate. You don’t have to imagine the life you could’ve led if only you had been fast enough when the trumpets sounded and bodies headed towards the finish line.

Leaving you in the dust.

You are not a loser. You are not a failure. You don’t know any losers or failures and even if you did — you would disassociate with a quickness because you certainly don’t want to be infected.

Be thankful for the little things. They seem so basic and it’s unfathomable that anyone would be struggling to crack that code. Anyone who is intelligent, diligent, loyal, responsible, and acutely aware can comprehend that life never lets you down — unless you fuck up.

But, fuck ups are always grateful. They know that they can end the misery whenever life penetrates the hole that isn’t up for grabs.

You had no such threat. Be grateful and eat up. The feast won’t wait for your turn.

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