Words won’t come

Only seas of tears hanging in the air

Fleeting are the moments etched in stars

Steps to infinity are laden with broth

Surfaces of flanneled schemes to stay

When forever dims into collages of what was

Symbols of symbiotic reckoning arrest figures in flight

Time is channeled into prisms of riches that aren’t paid until departure

Resolutions of unfinished tapestry hang on peeled walls

Gasping for air in sun-drenched rooms

Happy yells from outside provide soundtrack of life as heaving slows to silence

Whatever we take for the journey to yonder will not warm souls

Spirits can speak in tongues

Body lays in the pose of surrender

Hugs and kisses dance to the beat of yesteryears

Dazed and supreme in the rising of pearls

Adorned necks display scars forlorn

Tomorrow we count a new member of solace

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