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Are We Ever Going To Be United?

In these States of America?

Social media platforms are bursting with high-energy, as users fill massive landscapes with evidence of what most of us are experiencing, during this unprecedented season of utter chaos and acute fear of what’s to come in the prolific weeks ahead.

Twitter is my engagement of choice, and for better or worse it has my attention for most of the hours of the day and night.

Over the last couple of weeks, the mood swings of engagers has elevated in response to active debates, that incite frustration and resentment over hot-button issues, that are evidential of how very little progress has been made, centuries later.

A well known political commentator and TV host recently tweeted about how the Biden/Harris campaign needs to swiftly redirect attention to the ignored plight of Black men, who are allegedly missing in the curated messaging, that’s seemingly more devoted to the palettes of women of color, specifically Black women.

The controversial tweet was not received well and garnered threads of opinions, that widened divisions and ultimately demonstrated the level of vitriol within communities, that are fighting outside enemies while being hampered by the traitorousness of insiders.

It’s no secret that Black members of the LGBTQ community are more disadvantaged and vulnerable to the systemic injustices that have been endorsed by the criminalized judicial system, compared to their white counterparts.

We are slammed with sobering headlines confirming the brutal slaughter of yet another Black transgender victim, but the stigma that plagues those who are deemed unworthy even by their own, continues to provide the erasure that silences the activism that should be amplified on their behalf.

The gender pay gap and racial wage gap have not been adequately settled across the board, particularly the traditions of automatically assigning higher wages to white employees, and much lower offers to Black colleagues, who perform the same job function with more qualifications.

But the reality of COVID-19, and the devastating ramifications stemming from the Trump administration’s delayed response to what was recklessly considered a “hoax,” before the pretense to take what was clearly a national health crisis seriously, has displaced a massive swath of the population who have been struggling for most of the year.

The first stimulus package approved by Congress back in March, also known as the CARES Act was issued as the emergency fund from the federal government, to give newly jobless and those who were guaranteed to lose their steady paychecks the financial security to prevent a crippling domino effect from a nationwide shutdown.

Seven months later, and the extra $600 of unemployment benefits have ceased and both House Democrats and Senate Republicans have spent weeks stroking egos and dangling ambitious agendas as bait, and as a result, no agreement has been reached for the second stimulus package.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi berated nemesis Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his henchmen for failing to acknowledge the tragic plight of out-of-work Americans, who desperately need a lot more than the bare minimum to survive the cruel blow they’ve been dealt.

The infuriating back-and-forth has showcased the devalued currency of tax-payers, who are down on their luck though no fault of their own, but are forced to suffer the punishment of not being immune to what what elitism affords to the few who are able to rise above the rubble — including ultra-wealthy and out-of-touch politicians.

Donald Trump as the Terrorizer-in-Chief, who is now more of a threat to our national security and precious democracy, after emerging victorious from his alleged battle with COVID-19, a deadly disease that he swears is harmless and shouldn’t be allowed to dominate our lives, recently tweeted his decision to end negotiations over whether or not starving Americans should be rescued.

The stakes are higher than ever for everyone, including Trump’s idiotic supporters, who are convinced that their supreme leader actually gives a solid damn about their wellbeing, despite the glaring proof to the contrary.

The Liar-in-Chief, who will surely be investigated once he’s defeated and becomes the first-ever former president to be on the run for tax fraud, and other illegalities, is ramping up for the remaining weeks of campaigning, and so far, the incoherency of nonstop tweets is heightening the national hysteria.

Are we ever going to be United in these States of America?

Aside from the brutal reality of the deferment of the highly-anticipated second stimulus package, until Trump’s self-professed reelection, which will further debilitate small businesses and decaying households, there’s also the mental anguish of silent sufferers.

This large group of lost citizens feel left out of the national narrative about how COVID-19 has ravaged our ability to effectively plan for a future riddled with uncertainty.

When you are victims of a rogue presidency, that’s committed to compromised White House communications with packaged lies and normalized deficiencies, that put each of our lives at risk on a daily basis, it’s hard to accommodate the totality of what we’ve been cursed to endure.

Systemic violence against the Black community that results in the non-indictment of street thugs dressed as police officers is the ongoing calamity that thrives under the masquerade of law and order.

And as the 2020 holiday season fast approaches, it’s hard to conjure up any excitement and giddy anticipation during this suffocating climate of doom and gloom, that makes it an impossible feat to imagine access to resources required for end-of-year festivities.

An ailing nation is teetering dangerously close to the edge of a cliff, that promises unrecoverable damage for unwilling passengers, chained to the caravan of white supremacy, driven by a white nationalist, who will do just about anything to retain his absolute power, regardless of souls hanging in the balance.

We’re all tired. We’re all hurting.

We’re all scared to death.

Our communities are contemptuous towards the white establishment that mandates domestic of terrorism, simply based on the never-ending reign of white power.

And within the shared gripes and mental aches, there’s also the inner turmoil that causes friction and the verbal abuse, unleashed as defense mechanisms to stabilize the soaring temperature that reveals frayed relations.

It’s going to take a national scrubbing of embedded dirt to make room for the unification of the like-minded and rehabilitated.

And regardless of what election day yields, the abusive nature of being an American and how it informs our disposition will not readily disappear.

United States of America is a shamble of pieces that never really connected to the perfect fit.

Can we change that?

Do we even want to?

I don’t know…

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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