Marriage is special to the ones who mean it. They stole their love in the intimacy of modest surroundings and the echoes of heartbeats in anticipation of the grand — ”I do.”

The promise that turns into either the chore or joy of your lives.

It’s a simple sentiment doused in doubts about whether or not the past will devour the future in big chunks — with the pieces hurled at the present.

You wanted to stop it and revisit the part of you that withers at the weight of the diamond and gold — intertwined in the web of fate that created a love so beautiful.

Beauty fades but the measure of a man is corrected by the height of a woman who is light enough to be lifted by him.

Light and easy to throw around — but too heavily respected and revered for such an exercise.

Rainy days arrive without warning but the forecast makes allowances for protection in the form of cushioned familiarity.

They know each other inside and out.

The arguments stem off, the nagging that proves the terms of endearment carries on, and the approaching footsteps that signal the continuation of the journey — that brings you back to another incredible calculation.

It’s been forty-four years.

Decades of feeling scared and being proud. Endless nights of laying awake in case one of us needed you or him. Montages of celebrations and morning rituals that remain embedded in the photo album of our hearts.

Pristine images that shine everyday through blinged out trees catching the sun’s rays — above the ringlets of gratitude that comes in a package of two.

After the phone call — the day was spent sad and elated. Did I not want what she has and more if possible?

To not be consumed with the unbearable love and frustration for another is a form of punishment. To not have spent most of your life with the security of the one who after so many years — still believes you because she believes in you.

How sad it will be if I don’t make it. There.

Seeing is believing and when you witness the reasons why you exist through the surfaces of the people tasked with raising you in their image — nothing can ever override the astute pleasure and profound awe — as I gathered the evidence that once again heralds your anniversary.

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