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An Open Letter To The White Woman Who Willfully Got Two Black Men Arrested

Dear White woman,

I happened upon your picture the other day and I was immediately struck by how you fit the description that I had in my head — even down to hair length and color. It appears that your name is Holly Hylton — and you’re no longer employed at the location that you tainted with your supreme bigotry.

I also heard the 911 call you placed — two minutes after you invaded the space between two innocent Black men — who didn’t give you the level of recognition you were forcing out of them. So — as punishment for the crime of the audacity to be “free Black men” — spending time in the establishment of their choice — you relied on the best bet of “thugs in uniform” — as your winning card.

I suppose as a human being I should feel immense shame for the insane amount of anger I feel towards you — especially when it inspires violent tendencies that are certainly out of character. White women like you definitely enjoy playing the role of “damsel in distress” with the fountain of tears that pour on cue — and the rush of assistance that never fails — even when it’s not warranted.

As the angry Black woman — I’m expected to be composed and accommodating without caving into the complex emotions that are almost always instituted — through no fault of my own.

What you did on April 12, 2018 — wasn’t just highly irresponsible and reckless — it’s also a testament to your callous disregard for the dignity of Black people as a collective. You’re a proud racist who can’t resist any opportunity to demonstrate the power you wield with a bloody phone call — and the “pretend panic” tone in your voice that will surely provide the satisfaction you can’t summon any other way.

You’re a first-class bitch — and I feel justified in my rudeness because your actions dictate it. I really try not to use that word often — but in this case — I can’t come up with anything more appropriate.

I just imagine if my brothers or cousins had been the ones unceremoniously removed from the premises they were inhabiting — because of your dumb ass accusations — and it makes my blood boil to levels that only cool down when I envision myself poisoning your shenanigans.

I don’t even understand why I’m detailing my rage without a filter. I guess it’s my only way of fighting back.

Your prototypes are everywhere. You’re absolutely not unique in your hatred for Black people — and despite the massive mess you’ve made for yourself and Starbucks — I’m quite positive you’re not at all sorry for what you did. In your silly head — you truly believe you were justified in your quest to rid the store of two Black men — that seemed to harbor criminal inclinations — because they wanted to chill before ordering from the menu.

You’re probably strategizing how to maximize your spotlighted status and you will mostly likely figure it out — because America is a country that has perfected the art of giving White people who behave badly — the validation they crave — with the bonus of fame and fortune.

As a Black woman — I can say that I’m sick and tired of joking about how White women tend to be “passive-aggressive” in their approach and how when they raise the alarm — the whole world drops everything to cater to their fragile disposition.

You did what you did because you knew it would work out exactly the way you planned it. You knew that placing an urgent call about “two Black men refusing to leave after being advised” would usher in the calvary of bored cops — who can’t ever refuse the temptation of handcuffing Black people — guilty or not.

I detest your privilege and how you evidently enjoy brandishing it like the weapon you’ve created for the sole purpose of elevating your pathetic existence.

I don’t need to know you personally to conclude that you’re the worst version of what this country produces.

The tone of your voice when you made your complaint was searingly devastating to hear — especially after it had been proven that these men had broken no laws. And all I could think about was how you would never know how it feels to bury a family member after the system murders them — or even worse — end up dead — after a routine traffic light violation turns into a tragic encounter.

You’re a White woman who is allowed to have Black people who make you uncomfortable or threaten your code of acceptance — reduced to a pile of shit that you gladly watch with glee — as it’s lifted away and dumped accordingly.

I’ve actually exhausted my energy — and can now confess that I feel sorry for you and the ones like you — who are imprisoned by the grip of superiority complex.

Your whiteness won’t be able to shield you for much longer — and when the day comes for your rude awakening — I hope you recall the pain you unleashed with no warning — at your venomous pleasure.

In the meantime — enjoy your Whiteness — for as long it lasts.


A less angry Black woman

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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