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An Ode To Kanye’s Decade of Artistic Resilience

Lone star on a high

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readDec 12, 2019


When Ye dropped his 2010 blockbuster masterpiece, “My Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy,” it could only be best described as the sublime reveal, that ominously gifted the beginning of what turned out to be a prolifically tumultous decade.

And after much reflection that seriously weighs the highlights of crippling monolithic assessments and expectations, we can conclude that Kanye’s most majestic album to date, is also the vivid blueprint of what will enduringly serve as the heightened soundtrack of authentic artistry at its best.

My fandom with Jay Z’s on and off again “brother from another mother” has become more personal and even precious, in the midst of vehement “cancellations” and the generalized proclamations, that assert how the Chicago-proud rapper, designer, and #MAGA-wearing “Trumpster,” has irretrievably lost his damn mind.

Not a good look. But it could be worse?

Kanye’s cultural footsteps have taken a maddening detour from the “Messiah-like” journey that launched his brand decades ago, and propelled the star-making trajectory, that perfectly matured from heightened exposure to vibrant characteristics that are now…