America’s “Fuck You” to President Obama is Unbelievable and Yet, Totally Believable

I will try to keep this short and sour.

We elected Donald Trump to be our next president.

We agreed to have an ugly monster who makes Cookie Monster look like Cindy Crawford — while his insides are too hideous to classify — be our representative on a global scale.

When I was young, I couldn’t tell the difference between dictatorship or democracy but, I knew that being born in the United States of America was the best thing that could happen to anyone lucky enough to muster it.

Now, it seems like the worst idea ever.

I felt like that even before the yellow-haired creature was in my view.

Then suddenly it all changed.

Not that long ago — ”change” was the word that I cherished like the plush pillow that cushions my head from the blows of the day.

He was Barack Obama.

Jesus God! What a man. He looked good, sounded better and I swear he wasn’t real. How could something that immaculate storm in from nowhere without a cape — and sweep a whole nation into recovery?!

But, there he was. And he was here to stay.

This was real. This was solid. This was a fairytale with no end. This was unity.

This was America.

And this was a dream. That has now ended.

The people have spoken and you bastards couldn’t let a good thing last. You had to be American. You had to be so American that you added a Hollywood ending that will never be rivaled.

I wish we had seen the final draft before you vetoed it but Americans love suspense!

The ending is fucked up and what’s even more fucked is that we can’t rewrite it.

In the end, Obama gets screwed. Badly.

All his good work, sacrifice and diligence goes into the waste basket of “whatever” to accommodate a White racist buffoon.

The same White people Black people were hugging on the night of Obama’s victory decided that he no longer deserved the respect he has fulfilling earned.

They decided that Donald Trump and is bullish, brutish and tyrant disposition needed to finally take center stage.

It is unbelievable.

And yet, when you consider the Star-Spangled Banner and all the lights that have been dimmed under the dark night of White supremacy — that is laced under fake hugs and finessed casseroles laced with poison — it’s totally believable.

President Obama is the best president Black America will ever summon.

That is all.

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