America, It’s Time to Pick Sides And Stay Divided

The United States of America is dead. It died the moment White supremacy became the favored currency. It was demolished when it was understood that White America has to remain White — no matter what.

It is now permissible and even encouraged for bigots in the public arena to proudly voice their disdain for the mixing of the masses. President Trump has stamped his approval and the current climate reassuringly provides a platform for those who preach the good word.

Jesus was White, Santa is White, God is always right and being White is the American Way.

From the latest asshole — Steve King — to the other bastards like Rudy Giuliani, Carl Paladino and Steve Bannon — White men with small dicks and egos that are long enough to be wrapped around their necks in a tight knot — seem to have no shortage of mental impotence — as they spew out the poison needed to convince us of why time is of the essence.

America, its time to pick sides, and wherever you end up, it has to be exactly where you will stay.

Truth be told, I find it reprehensible and downright savage that anyone who embodies a high-profile role that positions them in the seat of power — can literally and publicly declare the value of White cleansing in a country that was built on the welted backs of people of color.

How in the entire fuck does someone with the badge of leadership shit out those words and still have the audacity to maintain his position with no consequences?

How can the GOP be dutifully complacent when it comes to unequivocally denouncing anything that resembles the erosion of a nation that desperately needs to be set back on course — even when the clouds of doom hover with defiance?

How was a White supremacist elected to the highest office of the land and given the power to legally devour the system with the hunger of a lion that roams no more?

The field of dreams is now ripe for yielding and all you have to do is decide where you will spend your time.

There is no unity in sight — just lines that label alliances and the dots that disconnect with content.

Our political structure was dismantled the moment Barack Hussein Obama uttered the words he made beautiful on an impossibly cold winter’s day. It was an incredible feat that disorganized The Order but apparently the principles have reassembled.

It’s time to decide where you belong and there can be no vapor of confusion or cowardice. The fine line has become even finer — so fine that it’s almost hard to decipher the beginning and the end.

The beginning is now.

Picture the gunk and the funk, with fakeness wrapped into bows of bitterness and sorrow for the ones that are blossoming — despite the forecast.

The end begins with the recognition of the United States in the America of WTF.

How the fuck did we get here and why the fuck did we allow it to get this far? The answer lies in the remedy of the future that is coming so fast that the cranky old men with the tongues of vitriol will live to see the glory of their nightmares.

You must pick a side and you have to do it quicker than your jaunt to the nearest Apple store — because the battery you need to replace won’t reap those rewards until you are firmly planted with the commune of your choice.

We will never be united — that’s clear — but at least we can be seeded in the soil that dictates whether or not we shit out the same thing we digest in the privacy of our morals — that don’t have to be baptized in the name of The Lord we don’t serve.

He would die again to redeem us from the hatred you falsely persecute Him with every time the Bible becomes your weapon.

If that’s your burden choose it now. If not pick the side that divides you from the Whiteness that blinds.

You will see more clearly that way.

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