America is a Legal Drug That Could Kill You

Nothing that beautiful can feel so good and not make a pact with the devil.

A gorgeous guise to rouse the senses that laid the foundation centuries ago in a dangerous way.

The fertile climate and the land.

So much land. Too much to withstand the killings of tribesmen and chained souls that sacrifice future generations with the lashings and arrow of greed.

Exploitation breeds bridges to excess.

Mountains and creeks of power and might. Lakes and hills that shelter the storied diplomacy of saving the ones with the most pennies.

And allowing the ocean to devour the ones who count the pennies for substance.

The landscape is breathtakingly vast and strong. The strength is drawn from the blood of captors. They are many and still counting.

The price for love and dependency is paid with the shock of bullets.

They float in the air like metals of woe and the dispenser is a renegade. Built from the lie that created the cradle of his existence.

We all love this land.

There’s is so much land. It spreads into the depths of despair and futility and rises to the plateau of euphoric paranoia.

As the high wears off and the fireworks have stunned the sky for one last time. The beach chairs are tossed in the car along with the kids.

You enter the driver’s seat and watch as your wife screams at the boys to shut up so you can drive in peace.

It’s over.

Back to the reality of tomorrow. Back to the sobering task of pouring over Deb’s medical bills. Back to school interviews that start off with damning glances. Back to the possibility of losing a career-defining role to another woman for reasons that sum up the highs and lows of your addiction.

As you enter the ramp and merge with the cars — you become one of them.

You’re all heading back.

Back to America, the legal drug that can kill you.

For your freedom.

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