Protesting Trump’s arrival after El Paso shooting in 2019 — Image: Mario Tama/Getty

America Has Been Overdosing on White Power For Too Long

The latest shit fest involving Donald Trump, a lame duck president, who is hellbent on intensifying the grip on his reign of terror by utilizing his tools of preference, namely Twitter and of course the dependable currency of white male privilege is just another example of America’s explosive addiction to white power.

America has been overdosing on white power for far too long.

This exhaustively destructive termination of a rogue presidency, orchestrated by egomaniacal man-baby, who should be charged for crimes against humanity for how he grossly mismanaged an unprecedented national health crisis by first declaring it a political hoax, before swearing that COVID-19 isn’t nearly as deadly as the “lamestream media” hypes it up to be — is a sobering testimony of the lethality of whiteness.

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