Protesting Trump’s arrival after El Paso shooting in 2019 — Image: Mario Tama/Getty

America Has Been Overdosing on White Power For Too Long

The latest shit fest involving Donald Trump, a lame duck president, who is hellbent on intensifying the grip on his reign of terror by utilizing his tools of preference, namely Twitter and of course the dependable currency of white male privilege is just another example of America’s explosive addiction to white power.

Breaking news blasted through Sunday evening with published transcripts of yet another damning phone call involving the Thug-in-Chief and his idiotic lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, who kept fumbling around on behalf of her desperate and deranged client, in an effort to advance baseless claims and conspiracy theories for the sole purpose of invalidating the results of the 2020 presidential elections.

Florida’s Secretary of State, the embattled Brad Raffensperger, who coincidentally is also a Republican, a fact that Trump repeatedly used to curse and threaten, was also a tortured participant on the call heard around the world. His valiant determination to stand his ground, while dodging missiles of incoherency mixed in with utter rubbish, serve as evidence of what it takes to go beyond the call of duty.

But does Raffensperger truly fit the description of an American hero, who won’t budge under the pressure of the Terrorizer-in-Chief, who encourages death threats through bullish phone calls and venomous tweets against influential detractors, daring to fight for the lifeblood of our democracy?

Raffensperger is a proud member of the cowardly and compromised Republican Party, a sinking titanic that pledged allegiance to their supreme leader, who wasn’t at all modest about showcasing the deplorable traits of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, etc, encased in the devilish robes of white supremacy.

The talk of the town is centered around how the once-mighty GOP is now being internally shredded by the treacherousness of a future felon, and his co-conspirators, including the infamous 12 GOP Senators, who are planning to elevate the damaging disruption of a perfectly legal electoral process, by formally challenging President-elect Joe Biden’s indisputable victory on Jan. 6.

Imagine the audacity of Barack Obama, a Black president, willfully weaponizing his historic win by unabashedly throwing his weight around, and cunningly maximizing his absolute power by voraciously spreading misinformation on social media to radicalize misled followers, who are willing to do the unthinkable on his behalf.

Try to contemplate how the first-ever Black president is caught not once but multiple times in the act of blatant corruption, where he pathetically demands his will be done, in order to secure his legacy without the obstruction of the electoral process playing out the way it always has, when a new president is ordained.

We know beyond any doubt that Barack Obama was the most disrespected president ever, and it wasn’t because his actions or demeanor warranted that level of mistreatment and degradation.

It was based purely on the armor of his Blackness, and how that potency offended the pompousness of white power in government, which led to the revolt eight years later, and the meteoritic rise of a self-professed white nationalist, who mercilessly dissolved the GOP into a puddle of poisonous gravy for disgraced members slip and fall with no anchor in sight.

America has been overdosing on white power for far too long.

This exhaustively destructive termination of a rogue presidency, orchestrated by egomaniacal man-baby, who should be charged for crimes against humanity for how he grossly mismanaged an unprecedented national health crisis by first declaring it a political hoax, before swearing that COVID-19 isn’t nearly as deadly as the “lamestream media” hypes it up to be — is a sobering testimony of the lethality of whiteness.

Donald Trump was handed the keys to the kingdom with the tainted blessings of white evangelicals who are undoubtedly pulling all-nighters in a last-ditch effort to beg the Almighty to move mountains to save the sorry ass of a human grenade, who is so holy that he can’t even quote a biblical verse to save his own life.

Badly behaved white males with unsightly track records are never terrible enough to stand trial and be convicted for their crimes because of America’s soft spot for monsters who are humanized and celebrated for their loathsomeness to the point of cultishness.

So on Jan. 6, while the death toll and rising new cases from the ravages of a deadly virus continues to trend towards dangerous territory, and while the traitorous 12 GOP senators make their case for further massacring our fragile democracy and putting our national security at an even higher risk, for the sake of uplifting the most frightening white male in America, the source of our terror will be causing additional chaos and mayhem.

Consider how Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tried and failed to defend the indefensible regarding Donald Trump’s daily attempts to override the rules and policies of the platform that generously hosts his hate-filled rhetoric, and retweets from far-right accounts that feature languages from aliens courtesy of QAnon.

Trump wants his final days in office to be a nationwide spectacle for the world to behold, and that will extend to the hijacking of the nation’s capital, Washington DC, just days away from the inaugural festivities of his successor, to stage protests — #MarchForTrump #StopTheSteal — to endorse the power and might of his waning presidency.

There is no good reason why Trump’s Twitter account should remain functional, especially since he’s abusing his absolute power to incite violence by retweeting reckless jargon and galvanizing his cultist base to do God knows what on a day that has been set aside for a KKK-themed rally.

White America’s response to the Obama years is symbolic of why Blackness needed to be brutally depowered on all fronts and how that enslavement won’t be conquered until white power experiences the exact same method of destabilization.

Donald Trump didn’t just win the presidency in 2016 — he succeeded in shaming white folks who spoke too soon about America’s progression, after Barack Obama achieved the impossible with his refinement of the American Dream.

White supremacy is the disease without a cure. The symptoms are contagious and deadly.

Donald Trump is the embodiment of that truth, which explains why he’s the national terrorizer whose seeds of discord will certainly see the light of day for many more years to come.

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