America Has a White Man Indulgence and It’s Killing Us

Brock Turner is everywhere. His eerily placid face with the eyes that have no focus — plasters my timeline infinitely.

He’s stalking me and doesn’t even know it.

The media stalks the white boy who is a celebrity rapist and this sonofabitch is now my goddamn problem.

How does that happen?

It happens because America loves the concept of white boys breaking the law and winning.

It’s a sport that has been instituted since black men were stripped of their rights and forced to prove time and time again that they deserve to live.

Black boys have been gunned down in cold blood for being too black and too human.

Yet, rich white boys can sexually assault an innocent victim and be cuddled by the press, rewarded by the judicial system and protected by the first amendment.

White men have it made. I really hate white guys sometimes. I won’t lie.

As I walk past the space tech company — SpaceX every morning — I see my fair share— fashionably dressed down — with their unruly hair fashionably blowing in the wind. They are the shit.

You guys can work wherever you want and do whatever. You write listicles about what it takes to rule the world. As if a talented Black woman who has all it takes but the world against her can relate.

So funny.

No. Actually it’s not. It’s not hilarious that The Speaker of the House just endorsed a racist pig. A fascist idiot who has tons of money but very little empathy or compassion for the groups of people he so blatantly dishonors.

The support that Paul Ryan is championing for Donald Trump is the perfect illustration of how white men get to have their cake and eat it too while the rest of us starve to death.

You bastards are killing us!!!

It always surprises me when white people claim that bigotry became a thing of the past once President Obama entered The White House.

It’s as if we are supposed to give y'all props for deciding to vote for an intelligent, well-educated, articulate, charismatic, aristocratic, composed, idealistic, determined and very capable candidate.

Like WTF? Who else were you going to vote for?

No, white people — you don’t get major points for being aware enough to make Obama our President twice — just because he happens to be a black man.

But his home for eight years is backfiring because white men are pissed!

They endured a man of color calling the shots for all this time and now it’s back to hating anything that isn’t immersed in whiteness.

Trump represents the true embodiment of this great nation. He is proudly hateful and abhorrent of the rules that demand the recognition of humanity in its purest form.

Enough white people and maybe relations of Stacy Dash — believe in the stone cold rhetoric that labels Mexicans as rapists and murderers — Muslims as terrorists and Black people as the population that is destined to always fail.

We fail because white men win even when they fail.

They commit the most heinous crimes that perplex the imagination and yet they are able to bat those blue eyes and shuffle their crowning glory out of basically anything.

The rich ones are the best. They have testimonies from the pillar of their communities — verifying how bright and amazing their future would be if only they were given a chance to realize it.

The judges are swayed by the words and the hefty pay day — and before you can say “White Rich Rapist” — the tables are turned in the favor of the prized criminal while the victim becomes everything that is devastatingly wrong about America.

Too bad the guy that tore into her wasn’t black because justice would’ve been abundantly served.

When a rich white guy forces your legs apart and begins to thrust as if he’s planting the seed of entitlement — you are pretty much screwed.

In every possible way.

Rich white men get to do whatever the fuck they want or say the most outlandishly callous garbage and still be able to enjoy a reception fit for royalty.

Why are we allowing this to happen?!

We write, post, tweet, retweet, share, comment and react but where does that take us?


As an American citizen — I have to contend with the reality that white men can be as bad as they wanna be without the consequence of a gun shot to the abdomen.

I have to accept that if I have a son he will not share the same road to success as his white friend — Jared.

I have to understand that white men are above the law because they’ve historically manipulated it in order to steal what never belonged to them.

I have to wonder about America’s indulgence with white men who love being white for the white of it and secure my blackness against the blank page of deceit.

You’re killing us! And you don’t care.

How very American.

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