America Cares More About #Brangelina and #TerenceCrutcher is Just a BuzzKill

So, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting a divorce. A decade ago — I would’ve been embarrassingly invested in two movie stars who really could give two fucks what people think about how they regulate their lives.

Today. I am indifferent and distracted.

I tried to get in all the garbage by tweeting something as evidence of my realization, but then I deleted it once it became clear that I had aligned myself with a pack of pathetic groupies who have demonstrated my worst fears.

As a nation, we own priorities that don’t sufficiently assuage any fears that we’ve absolutely lost our ability to adjust the navigation accordingly.

It is abominably sad that despite the tragic killing of an innocent Black man who was gunned down in full view by White cops — who typically prefer to kill his kind first, before contemplating their actions — the demise of a Hollywood marriage is trending like a virus that knows no bounds.

Every publication in the universe is competing for the story of the century. Writers and editors are working steadily to ensure that their version produces the winning numbers. This is laughable because I took the time to scope the produce — and the results are freakishly identical.

However, my favorite part has to be the celebs who couldn’t hide their reaction to something that at the end of the day doesn’t alter their state of being or provide solutions to global health.

Model and wife of singer and part-time activist John Legend — Chrissy Teigen — spends considerable time uploading evidence of her FAB existence on multiple platforms. She’s known to be a firecracker for causes that are close to her heart. And yet — her strategic tactics have betrayed her this time.

She has yet to comment on the callous killing of Terence Crutcher. She instead tweeted about how bereft she is that her non-friends are no longer going to be sharing the same bed.

We’ve become a society of wimps. We drift through space with no goals and try our best to log in enough time to verify our identities but, once we have the opportunity to be disgustingly generic — we embrace it with open arms.

Not so long ago, D-list stars were up in arms due to the audacity of socially-conscious citizens who chose to challenge the legality of The National Anthem. Unsurprisingly these same over-paid losers have been silent since the man that was murdered on the streets of Tulsa adapted his bleak hashtag.

The crux of the matter is that the formal execution of people of color doesn’t carry the same sense of urgency as over-the-hill celebs who could care less what we think — no matter how passionate we are about their plight.

Some users expressed how delighted they are about the Breaking News because it provides a much-needed distraction.

Wow. Geez! I am quite sure that Terence Crutcher and his family didn’t mean to be a buzzkill.

Shit happens though. You know?

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