All We Got From The State of the Union Address is that Obama is Not Coming Back.

The stages of grief have begun. While watching President Obama — the first black man ever to occupy The White House as Commander-In-Chief — I felt a surge of panic overtake me.

I was sweaty, breathless but surprisingly not disorientated which ruled out my initial diagnosis of a possible panic attack.

No, I was actually freaking out. Hours later — I’m still freaking out as I ponder a future without Barack Hussein Obama II — son of a Kenyan father and an American mother.

The current president’s own father came to the America to further his education and it was during that time that he met and married Obama’s mother. That union produced the now leader of the free world.

Imagine that? He wasn’t born into wealth or cuddled by an ultra privileged upbringing. I mean, we’ve had a couple of those instances and I think we can agree it ended disastrously.

Obama was born to live the American dream in its purest form. He could’ve been anything or anybody. But he chose to work hard and honor his parents by demonstrating his ability to surpass their expectations and undoubtedly his.

That is probably why he ended the night with a triumphant declaration that there is still plenty to hope for and believe in when contemplating the future of this country. Without him.

At the risk of sounding morbid — this process of saying goodbye to something good and someone who was inherently determined to do his best work for the betterment of his people is almost like a slow death.

You’re watching it happen and even though you know what’s coming — you remain in denial until that day arrives. The day that changes everything. Your consistent normal transforms to a new reality that you may never embrace.

Pressident Obama spoke eloquently and precisely about all the issues that need attention. He gave examples to back his fight against or for the critical hot topics. From ISIS to education reform to foreign policies — no stone was left unturned.

I could get into specifics and analytics but honestly — you’ve truly heard it all before. Tonight was the grand finale and a bittersweet occasion that warranted extra attention and respect. If you need to partake of it so badly — then you can get it here.

However, I have a pretty good idea what the State of Affairs are as it pertains to America, The Beautiful.

Racial injustice is at an all time high and the number of blacks being killed for no good reason other than their darker hue is ascending instead of descending.

Our children can legally be shot to death in their classrooms or while playing at the park and the absurdity of it doesn’t resonate with those in power.

Those people who are in a position to make the changes necessary to swiftly end the madness.

Citizens with great work ethic and pride that stems from their cultural background — coupled with an appreciation for the sacrifices that were made to set the stage for their success — have to endure public humiliation and hardened rebuke from bigoted politicians and infected Americans who only believe in the dream if the dreamers look and sound like them.

There is no doubt that America and Americans have become polluted with the lust of all things vile and abhorrent.

There is no dignity in the humane aspect of things. It has to be a bloody and frightful journey to the end— and nobody is too young, too old, or too black to die.

By the way, Donald Trump and his Stepford Wife will gladly escort President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama out The White House on the day of our reckoning.

As Obama’s lips moved and his eyes danced with the words coming out of his mouth — I basically began to mentally rewrite his speech. Or maybe he was saying what I really heard him say and it was for my ears only.

It could be that you also heard what he was saying and it was too much for you to take.

Does this sound familiar?

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