All This Dying Has Me Thinking About a Better Place

Is there such a thing? Do we really transcend into a place where everything is better? Are we immediately evacuated from our bodies as our souls take flight and become abundant again.

Is there a place up there that welcomes us as we slowly float into the entrance wide enough to bear our surrender but too narrow to accept the heathens we leave behind?

Dying is not a new concept. We live to die is a slogan that makes very little impact unless you’ve been hit with its meaning or obsessed with what it could mean.

It’s been both for me and lately it’s been all the time. Aging has me entirely marveled by the idea that one day sooner — than I might think — I will simply not be here.

The heinousness of death that comes in the form of being forced out of here because so many people with guns want you gone — is also another reason we ponder the aftermath of each tragedy with careful reflection.

We need to believe that the victims of crime or those who’ve been fatally punished for reasons beyond understanding — are currently enjoying the rewards of no longer suffering in a world that was too fucked up for their own good.

They are in a better place.

I think of souls parading around each other as the clouds part in response.

I picture substantial energy lifting each time another soul makes it through from hell on earth.

And then interestingly — I accommodate the possibility that after death — we are transported back to a stage in our lives that gives validity to the magic of “deja vu.”

Then the coldness from my insomnia creeps in and I awake in the arms of the darkness without shadows and light.

Staring into nothingness. Lying in wait as I grip the air around me before closing my eyes to pray.

Begging to not wait to die to be in a better place.

I want in. Now.

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