Nia Wilson

A Year Later: Why Nia Wilson’s Murder Is The Hate Crime That Still Haunts

It’s been a year since 18-year-old Nia Wilson, a young Black woman, along with her two sisters, innocently exited a train that pulled into a BART station, and fell into the range of a murderous White male, brandishing a huge knife, who briskly approached the trio and began his bloody massacre.

At the end of the horrific episode, older sister Letifah was left with a deep wound in her neck, Tashiya was lucky to be unharmed, and the youngest, Nia was bleeding out from a fatal slash to her throat.

27-year-old John Cowell, had managed to illegally jump over the turnstile, and storm the platform of the train station without issue, and this willful act gave him access to unsuspecting commuters, who were vulnerable to the murderous wiles of a seasoned criminal with a rap sheet, featuring previous charges of robbery, assault and drug possession.

Cowell was also sentenced to two years in a federal prison for a botched robbery at a clothing store located in a shopping plaza, and he was released on parole in May 2018, approximately two months before he killed Nia Wilson.

He was eventually apprehended by police at a different BART station, a day after the killing, and after the plea entry date was postponed multiple times, in May 2019, a judge finally set the trial on the “mental competency” of Cowell, for July 29, 2019.

The argument from the beginning has always centered around Cowell’s alleged mental illness, and how that deficiency should prevent the categorization of his violent attack on three Black women as a hate crime.

But even a year later, as I re-assess the unfathomable tragedy that brutally ended the life of a vibrant young Black woman, it’s hard not to be incensed at the level of casualness on display from both the media and the judicial system, when it comes to seriously and efficiently handling the crimes depicting White males violently assaulting unarmed Black people, in broad daylight.

When the headlines showcased the lovely profile of Nia Wilson with the headlines that screamed the absolute terror of her last moments on earth, there was nothing else to do but write about how and why the obvious motives that led to her death are being glazed over in favor of the perpetrator’s emotional state of mind.

While the media is fixated on the thread of tweets that are rampantly deposited by a live renegade in the seat of supreme power, who should’ve been banned from Twitter after the earlier indication that he was willing to weaponize tools of engagement to advance his deadly agenda — the epidemic of domestic terrorism is has been elevated to systemically threaten and terminate the lives of Black people in America.

Aside from the national crisis of police brutality that gives White cops the unchallenged freedom to gang up on an unarmed and innocent Black woman, and proceed to brutally assault her; to the point of almost tearing her dress off her body — there’s also the mounting evidence of how domestic terrorists, who are White males of Trump’s America, are being traitorously shielded from the consequences of their hate crimes, by the very system that was set up to confirm why Black lives never matter.

The media-at-large also plays a vital and damning role in rejecting the quest of investigating these frequent cases of ultra-violent attacks that don’t spare the precious souls of Black children.

News organizations refuse to dutifully cut through the bureaucratic bullshit by presenting the undisputed facts, as it pertains to how a 17-year-old Black kid, Elijah Al-Amin was mercilessly brutalized by a White supremacist, who didn’t kill him because he hated the sound of “rap music,” but rather chose his victim because of the color of his skin.

In the wake of Elijah’s murder, it was heartrending to be greeted with nonstop headlines that contained disrespectful and misleading buzzwords, like “rap music,” that was readily spotlighted as the main culprit of this sadistic killing by a domestic terrorist, who was clearly on a mission to end the life of anyone who fit the mold of his bigoted pursuits.

The media’s abhorrent approach to the ongoing racial tension in a country that’s governed by an administration that pledges allegiance to White nationalism, under the guidance of a president who has publicly praised the efforts of White supremacists, while demonizing Black and Brown Americans, is one of those great mysteries that boggles the mind, especially when you consider what’s at stake in the coming months.

This is why the brutal slaying of Nia Wilson by a White man who unquestionably chose his victims based on their race, despite the arguments in his defense that highlight his delusional state, still remains the hate crime that haunts.

Black children are dying from bullets to the back as they run for their lives from rogue police officers, who may or may not deserve to be treated like shit by neighborhood youths, who are sick and tired of burying childhood friends and family members, who committed the crime of being born in communities that are systematically targeted for extinction.

Just as media outlets botched the reporting of the hate crime that took the life of a young Black woman, while almost killing her older sister, by focusing mostly on the White fragility of a vulnerable White male, who was failed by the institutions that should’ve kept him off the streets and prevented his crimes — the very same approach is being offered to the case of Elijah Al-Amin, and the White man who lost his mind over the “rap music” that programmed his killer instincts.

Days after the grisly murder of Nia Wilson, the media swiftly returned to the 24/7 news cycle of Trump TV, and deplorably discarded the the responsibility producing the investigative reports that showcase the grim and sobering data, tracking the substantial rise of hate crimes.

The NAACP was able to promptly furnish the researched results that conclude how:

Racially-motivated crimes have risen considerably since White America elected a White supremacist as president.

There’s no doubt that Trump’s ongoing mission to grossly misuse his station as the Terrorizer-in-Chief, who openly practices his bigotry without the restrictions that should exact the level of discipline, that appropriately limits his threatening stance, is having a direct effect on his #MAGA base of worshippers, who are provoked to consider non-White Americans as expendable items.

According to the study by the NAACP:

Racially-motivated crimes comprise nearly 60 percent of overall crimes, and African Americans remain the most targeted group.

This nightmare will stay activated for as long as weakened journalists lazily succumb to the virus of click-bait by abandoning the requirements of their positions as truth-tellers, who are armed with the resources and glaring evidence that demands the accuracy of labeling hate crimes for exactly what they are — based on the race of the victims and their attackers.

The death of Nia Wilson haunts Black women in America, as we move around in a country that is on stand by to reduce us to briefly celebrated hashtags, that won’t amass the justice that befits our terrifying demise at the hands of the White males, who won’t suffer the ramifications of their deadly actions because of the overwhelming adherence to Trump’s directives.

Making America Great Again was actually code for Making America White Again, and this truth is a ruthless killer.

And the only ones paying attention to this shit are the domestic terrorists, who are merely carrying out their assignments.

We can say #RipNiaWilson, but who are we fooling?

If we can’t rest in Trump’s America, neither will she.

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