The beginning…

A Year Later: My Thoughts About The Pandemic Anniversary

The arrival of a brand new decade was just the incentive I needed to kick my butt into action, after spending two years away from the hustle and bustle that had worn me down to the ground.

The truth is that I didn’t want to believe shit was going to hit the fan until it did.

And the mental toll of quarantining without an end date has evolved into a physical one, with nagging insomnia and warning signs that my daily workout on a treadmill can’t compensate for the horrible habit of being glued to the couch with my MacBook Air, without much movement.

It’s not over yet, we have to brace for the inevitable dip before we finally rise from the ashes.

A year later, I truly believe in the beauty of the human spirit, now more than ever, and while the really bad days are quite turbulent, I can do the recaps, and push myself to take it one step at a time, with the reverence of what we’ve all lost, and gratitude for what can be gained.

Stay well.

Stay safe. Keep your head up, and MASK ON.

If you have thoughts to share about the Pandemic Anniversary — check out this page for inspiration.

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