A Valentine’s Day Massacre

Wake up, dress up, enter the day.

The painted halo never fails to torment the faint at heart

As I walk away from the tracks of routine and follow the path of my bloody delivery

I see the sun throwing daggers at my reflection.

The ground is softer than it was yesterday and the breeze drifts around me like a silk blanket wrought with the stains of my negligence.

I wound anyone that dares to entice me with the sweat of effort, exerted in the name of arraigned passion.

Fuck me like it’s based on nothing. Like you believe in everything that doesn’t exist with me in it.

I long for that empty moment when the shavings of our entanglement splatter on me with the false glow of our sensibilities

Today was like every other, except the hole that I traced around your heart.

I see the bus and I run for it.

Faster and faster is the pace that leads to the avenue of my surrender.

The doors open and I step in with hope and fortitude.

The sound of your face and open chest don’t weigh me down as I turn to claim the ride that leads to forever.

Their faces aghast with disbelief, assure me that love was meant to hurt.

I will join you soon. But first there is one more stop…

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