A Timeline of George Michael Hits Through The Faith of Wanting to Have Sex

was delivered in a barrel of lightening as I realized the power of beauty and authority through the woes of the men who would beg me to give a little in return.

At first, I didn’t have to ask for it. It was rammed into me due to my innocent need to literally grasp the concept of

I had no idea that this natural tendency would put in me line for the hurried need to garner the satisfaction of a — who would rescue me from the pointed spears of hungry daggers — hoping to revoke my right to have that if I get just — perhaps wouldn’t be a needless venture.

But, the symptoms of always override the chaos outside.

And when all is said and done — The idea of declaring the words — to the one who truly wants to lovingly strip you — can never be An Easier Affair — even when his touch strikes all the right tones of surrender.

But, I will always have — and give it .

I like to believe not to.

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