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A Teacher Asked a Student if She Was Hiding a Bomb In Her School Bag

I’ll keep this short because I’m sure Donald Trump is trending again and most of you need to back to it but believe me even the man that the media has anointed as the Antichrist won’t be able to save us from ourselves.

It doesn’t matter who will become the president of this disastrous nation because he or she won’t be able to do a damn thing to make what is so inconceivably wrong — right again.

Social media has done a heck of a job when it comes to reducing humans to puddles of shit. Yes, puddles, not heaps. Puddles that run into every interface that plague timelines with venomous spite as the images and sentences are posted with fervor so as to outwit the competition.

We see it over and over again. It’s appalling at first and then slowly or very quickly we get used to it. It becomes familiar and comfortable to see the ghastly photos of the unfortunate at their worst — either almost dead or already deceased.

The videos are better because we get to witness it all — up close and personal and that makes it more endearing. Just watching it alone means you’re doing your part as you stare stark injustice right in the screen of your bedazzled iPhone. Once the shock is dismantled — the next task at hand is to tweet and then retweet what others have chosen to tweet.

Yep! The end of humanity has to be ascending at rapid speed because that is the only way to explain how and why a teacher would ask her student if the contents in her bag include an explosive device.

Don’t believe me? Of course you do. This is where we are as a people. This is what we’ve become.

He is on a roll — which wouldn’t be such a tragic realization because quite frankly America needs a dictator. Someone who throws his weight around and knows nothing about what it means to sacrifice your guts in order to ensure that your child will be able to get to school on time and make it back home in one piece.

Sorry — I said I would keep this short but I am just warming up.

So, here we are. We are living in a time that gives citizens buried under cartons of cash the right to dispel a dangerous rhetoric that not only threatens the lives and livelihood of a targeted community but also puts young children at risk.

Like I mentioned before, a teacher in the backwoods of Georgia (yes, I said it) dared to ask her pupil in front of her peers — if she had a bomb in her bag. It turns out that the 8th grader like every other student in her class was carrying books.

The girl who is a Muslim called her father afterwards to complain and also to express her confusion. Why would her teacher ask such a question? Did she do something to warrant such a thing?

Can you imagine being the parent on the other line, listening to your child tearfully break down the disturbing experience she endured at the hands of an educator who is being paid to essentially help you prepare her for what the world has to offer.

This little girl is African. Her family emigrated from Somalia to seek a better life but that is being derailed by the climate of hate that has escalated thanks to the media — Trump’s mandated fuck buddies who just can’t get enough.

The little Muslim girl who has been screwed for life and all the other helpless ones in the future who will surely be persecuted without the shield of their parents have the media to thank for their future perils.

But will that happen? No. Why?

Because this is America.

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