A Man was Murdered By The Cops and I Saw It Happen

It was late. But, Twitter was lighting up with the hashtag and an image. An all too familiar serving that always signals the untimely death of a black man.

Alton Sterling was 37-years-old and lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with his wife and five children.

Before I knew any of that stuff — I was subjected to another gruesome demonstration of why white cops are trained to kill — not to protect.

The video was quickly distributed through social network channels and as expected it was received with shock and disbelief.

Again, a black man whose physique eerily resembled another victim of police brutality — Eric Garner — was violently tossed to the ground after making the tragic mistake of “selling music” and disturbing the peace with a gun that he wasn’t even holding.

The force used to bring him down by the two white cops was swift and strong and even caused the suspect to hit the nearby vehicle as he painfully complied.

But that wasn’t enough. It never is.

It’s never sufficient to have a black man in custody. Why arrest a black man with a criminal past who will most likely end up back in prison — when you can do us all a favor by ending his filthy existence.

I imagine that this mentality is responsible for the countless black men who have experienced the utter horror of being murdered in cold-blood by white men in uniform — who truly believe they are helping finesse the mass extinction of people of color.

I tossed and turned all night long after making the mistake of believing that I could internalize yet another viewing of a black man — being silenced like a wild animal on the loose.

If it had been a wild animal on the loose — White Americans would be outraged. They can’t stand the sight of any animal being abused to death.

But, Americans are totally immune to the endless display of callousness aimed at Black Americans on a consistent basis.

It’s not fun to watch the dirty work perfected by White policemen who shoot to kill when manhandling the savages who walk the streets — trying to stay alive.

These men die.

Their method of dying is the stuff nightmares are made of. It is a dramatic episode that climaxes with dire abruptness.

I saw Alton Sterling on the ground. I saw and heard the gun shots that pummeled his back. Afterwards I succumbed to the replay of his blood ravaging the concrete as this became my torturer.

We will sound the rebel yell and tweet and retweet with all our might. We will converse and debate with each other and with racist assholes clamoring for recognition.

This will pass.

Alton Sterling will be added to the ever growing list that depicts the extent of what it means to be Black in America.

Nothing else will be done to assure us that another person of color won’t be executed without fail in the weeks to come.

It is appalling to be living in a dystopian climate that indulges in the public removal of black lives as if it’s ridding the streets of scum.

Black Lives Matter.

Maybe that’s the fucking issue. Black Lives Matter only to Black People. This means America is really White America. This is the reason why Black people continue to get screwed.

Until drastic measures are implemented to refute and thwart the system that was designed to disable us — we will continue to be reduced to graphic video games that always ends with us bloodied and dead.

In the meantime I have to wonder when I will get over the fact that a black man was murdered by law enforcement officers.

And I saw it happen.

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