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The landscape of reality TV is undergoing a radical update to accommodate the new era of “wokeness” and the mandates according to “cancel culture” that dictates the banishment of the worst among us, who can’t buy their way out of the social consequences of their reprehensible actions — regardless of accumulated years and acquired wisdom.

If you think being “cancelled” as a formerly functional A-lister is a walk in the park, then you haven’t met a very depressed and desperately isolated Chrissy Teigen, who recently confessed the heavy toll her “punishment” is taking on her mental health, as she grapples…

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Mental illness is not funny

Former Fox News staple and disgraced bigot, Megyn Kelly who was fired from her flailing NBC morning talk show back in 2018, for her offensive take on the historically racist practice of white people donning blackface, is back in the headlines for reasons that reiterate her traitorous allegiance to the potency of white feminism.

Naomi Osaka stunned the sports world with her decision to withdraw from The French Open, following a harrowing few days of enduring shameful push back from tournament officials, who responded dishonorably to the Japanese-Haitian’s public admission of her mental health challenges.

Osaka’s initial stance to protect…

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The cost of hosting is skyrocketing

What’s up with the Tokyo Olympics, and why is the governing body so adamant about going against what’s basically common sense, when you factor in the menace of a global pandemic that’s successfully ravaging the hosting city and its inhabitants?

The Olympics have always been a high stakes gamble for first-class competitors giving everything they’ve got for thunderous applause and solid gold, but this current climate of sickness and isolation is dangerously baiting the query of life and death.

Can we talk about how a young Black woman with high hopes and aspirations, coupled with the infinite gift of lightening…

Gambling for the truth pays off

President Biden and his soldiers of truth have been on an extended mission to encourage stubborn naysayers, who make up a considerable section of the country to submit to lifesaving vaccines, that are miraculously on time to save mankind from an irrevocably bleak outcome.

The ambitious goal to usher in the victorious independence from the deadly clutches of a waning global pandemic on July 4th, with the magic number of 70% of the population having received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was derailed with the less than desirable results of 67% of adults having at least one…

Sandra Bland

Six years after a twenty-eight-year-old Black woman was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas, days after being physically assaulted by a state trooper during a routine traffic stop, we still mourn the senseless loss and demand long overdue justice for the unlawful recklessness of a law enforcement officer that tragically led to an unfathomable outcome.

Bland was found hanging in the jail cell where she was tossed and discarded, waiting in vain for her bail to be posted. The official cause of death has been ruled a suicide, but the truth is that Bland is a…

Image: Luke Hutson Flynn

Remember the international uproar stemming from the unforgivable censorship by the French Open back in 2018, when the GOAT also known as Serena Williams was publicly chastised by racist French officials for donning a body suit that was ridiculously described as “disrespectful” to the game and hosting venue?

President of the French Tennis Federation, Bernard Giudicelli didn’t hold back his disgust over one of the most revered athletes in the world, who looked like the super hero she is on the court, proudly showing off her post-baby physique in a suit of armor that was meant to also provide protection…

Swishy intellect storms through branches of ages.

Dangling breezes of repudiation scrunched into frowns for arrivals

that came and did their best.

Hazy climate hovers in the interim of winged masters,

chattering in the golden glow of swarmed creators.

It’s once in a blue moon for converging in formidable clusters

set ablaze by the dawn of a new day.

Evening brings calm to the low humming, providing burrows

for planned festivities that will take place in the far tomorrows.

It takes weeks of munching the air and slitting branches

before the erection of seeded generations.

On cue, the departure is…

Image: Matt Slocum/AP

Trigger warning

Bill Cosby, formerly “America’s Dad” who dominated multiple eras, particularly the eighties and nineties with his solid brand of family entertainment that included my childhood favorite, The Cosby Show, was recently released from prison after serving two years of his 10-year sentence.

When Cosby was found guilty of “all three counts of aggravated indecent assault” back in 2018, it was the culmination of a decades-long pursuit for traumatized victims who were relentless in their courageous efforts to achieve the impossible, when it comes to the accountability of an untouchable super predator, who was able to seamlessly dodge the…

Almost four years ago, I made the drastic decision to end the deadly habit of daily alcohol consumption and the perpetual desire to be emotionally numb, and hyper-functional.

Welcoming my forties didn’t turn out to be as fabulous as the popular narrative suggests. My erratic hormones presented physical and emotional challenges that are still a struggle, but under much healthier circumstances.

Aging as a woman who never thought she would age is a fascinating process that doesn’t get easier.

And the frightening prospects become more vivid when you’re battling a range of issues that are directely related to your formal…


We hear all the time about how budding stars are lifted up and celebrated on their way to the top, and then Boom! Just like that, the tables turn and the glorious ride is over, almost as soon as it began, for reasons that are usually scandalous in nature.

In this case, Olympic track star, Sha’Carri Richardson is currently embroiled in an unfortunate example of what happens when outdated policies impede the spectacular trajectory of a promising young athlete, who is being unfairly vilified for partaking in the medicinal effects of cannabis.

It seems that every few steps we take…

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