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Truth to be told, the last time I watched a full episode of ABC’s daytime staple The View must’ve been when Meghan McCain was a high schooler. It wasn’t a conscious decision to move on, but even back then, avid viewers were treated to the on/off camera theatrics of a group of elite women, who were specifically recruited by veteran journalist and show creator — Barbara Walters.

It’s been over two decades since The View’s heralded conception, and since then it has been branded as the pioneer for the other notable vehicles that have since followed the winning blueprint, like…

They’re labeling it “rage-quitting” and it’s the long-awaited revolution on the rise, featuring a growing number of disenchanted job hunters, who have spent way too much time weighing the pros and cons of suffering through thankless, dead-end, low-paying gigs that offer nothing in the form of financial security.

The fluctuating state of the job market has been a mainstay in the news cycle ever since vaccination stations popped up all over the country, spearheading the ambitious and celebratory season of a national reopening.

News reporters are descending on local businesses to get a pulse of the hiring practices now that…

Image: Jeff Hanisch — USA Today Sports

NBA analyst, here I come!

If you had told me a year or two ago that I would be closely monitoring the NBA Playoffs and actively familiarizing myself with the superstars of the WNBA, I would’ve laughed hard in your face, while emphatically denying such a thing.

Not to say that I was completely withdrawn from the world of sports — I grew up heavily invested in soccer and tennis. As a child of the eighties who matured into the nineties, I was well aware of the giants of those eras, but my mild interest didn’t go beyond the career highs and scandalous lows.


After stepping away from the lucrative franchise he helped build from the ground up, and sustained for almost 20 years, following the scandalized TV appearance that only became more relentless over time, it has been announced that ABC’s most recognizable face won’t be returning to Bachelor Nation.

Chris Harrison won’t be back to assume the reigns of the upcoming new season of the dating and relationship blockbuster that undoubtedly helped to pioneer the seductive formula of reality TV, that eventually blossomed into the phenom that still hasn’t run out of steam.

The reason for the somewhat unexpected outcome is anybody’s…

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Almost two years ago, the Terrorizer-in-Chief made another one of those terrifying announcements that tended to excite and thrill his #MAGA base to bits, but for the rest of the population of Black and Brown targets, some with strong ties to “shithole countries” — the confirmation of legalized immigration raids unleashed across the country sounded like domestic terrorism.

From the very beginning, Trump’s campaign slogan was soaked in the hateful rhetoric that activated the ire of white supremacists who were boiling over with anger and resentment at the audacity of the first-ever Black president hijacking The White House for two…

Rick Santorum, a former GOP senator and the main source of my most viral tweets advocating for his immediate removal as CNN’s most notorious #MAGA commentator, who also happens to be the dumbest ex-politician alive, has just been permanently removed from CNN’s infuriating rotation of overpaid and overexposed faces.

It’s the same raging machine that provided high-visibility to a slew of up and coming superstars of conservative media like Megyn Kelly, Kayleigh McEnany and Meghan McCain to name a few, who all projected the more digestible version of Trump’s emerging America with the anchor of white feminism that catapulted their…

Breonna Taylor was murdered in her apartment by plain-clothed invaders also known as Louisville Metro Police, who were armed and ready to kill the occupants of the space they were invading in the early morning hours of March 13, 2020.

The cops brandished the lethal “no-knock warrant,” a controversial practice that gives law enforcement absolute power to burst open doors and force their way into targeted homes, if members of the household fail to comply.

The “no-knock warrant” is a common feature during drug raids, but it can also be a deadly tool of terrorism against innocent, unsuspecting residents like…

An invasion of winged predators storming the air with cooky sounds
sprawled in heaps on the ground, some mashed by smashing footwear,
others intact on their backs, still flailing.
Hot mornings bloated with swarming creatures, excitable movements
causing humans to do the dance away from epicenters.

We can’t see or hear like before.
Stillness of thought has to be drowned by sounds of choice that counter
loud chatter amongst an army of invaders, too many to defeat. …

Part Two

As the global controversy surrounding Naomi Osaka’s shocking decision to withdraw from the French Open continues to gain momentum, now is as good a time as any to highlight why the stigma around mental health needs to be replaced with matured compassion and accommodation for the ones who are brave enough to publicly identify their challenges.

There are many in the world of sports, including fellow tennis stars, Rafael Nadal, Ashleigh Barty and icon Billie Jean King, who claim to empathize with Osaka’s tough decision to take time out for the sake of her emotional wellbeing, but still believe that…

Naomi Osaka at this year’s French Open — Images: Aurelien Morissard/Xinhua via Getty Images

Superstar athlete and tennis wunderkind Naomi Osaka, 23, continued her winning streak at the French Open by securing victory in the first round, but that enviable start has been overshadowed by the burgeoning activist’s daring moves off the court.

Osaka made a public announcement regarding her decision not to participate in press conferences at this year’s French Open, as a necessary form of self-care, based on the often contentious stance between vulnerable players and opportunistic journalists, eager to take advantage of that mentally-drained energy.

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