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Let’s take a break from our brutal reality and dive into the make-believe world of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and the epic loss of Samantha Jones, a role that actress Kim Cattrall luxuriously embodied for six magnificent seasons, including the two feature films that would follow.

During it’s heralded run as one of HBO’s most prolific offering, Sex and the City, centered around the enduring friendship of four youngish women, stylishly juggling careers and complexities of romantic entanglements, against the stunning backdrop of the City. …

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Impeachment or resignation be damned! The truth is that Donald Trump has won this war and the irrevocable damage will take forever to overcome because the potency of white supremacy has been reactivated, to levels that haven’t been duly acknowledged by policing agencies that are assigned to protect and serve.

Imagine the lethality of a diabolical terrorizer, who is unapologetically defensive about the vital role he played in orchestrating domestic terrorism, that descended on Capitol Hill a week ago, resulting in mayhem that overwhelmed unprepared and outnumbered police officers, and left five people dead.

Trump is able to retain his presidential privileges, including access to the nuclear codes, which has been reportedly rescinded, but who knows! He’s also capable of bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom to thuggish loyalists like Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan, who are both complicit in the unfolding nightmare that put the lives of vulnerable colleagues, in both parties at high risk. …

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The horror show currently unfolding, merely days after Capitol Hill was under attack from white terrorists, who were revved up from intoxication that emanated at the venue of the Trump Crime Family’s “Save America” rally, anchored by a mainstay hoodlum, Rudy Giuliani, is a damning testament to what white supremacy can produce when left unchecked.

Donald Trump’s shockingly combative inaugural speech, minutes after he took the oath of office was the unnerving transparency that has been maintained throughout his godforsaken presidency. …

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Republicans fed the beast of our nightmare

It’s hard to internalize the series of events that have tragically transpired within the last 24 hours, that began with pre-festivities courtesy of the Trump Crime Family in DC, not far from Capitol Hill, where the ceremonial certification of the 2020 election results was scheduled to commence.

More than a handful of traitorous Republicans led by the slimy Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz were prepared to defend their baseless objections in an effort to delay the confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden as the next Commander-in-Chief, who will take the oath of office on January 20th.

Donald Trump and his minions, including his mouthy idiot sons, Don Jr., Eric, and their equally vile partners-in-crime, Lara and Kimberly Guilfoyle, hijacked the nation’s capital on the morning of Jan. 6, with devious intentions to disrupt formal proceedings, and once again inflame the rhetoric of packaged conspiracy theories about a “rigged election” that must be contested by any means necessary. …

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What’s unfolding at the State Capital is unfathomable. The Terror-in-Chief has struck again, and this time it’s beyond comprehension and doesn’t recall any ounce of reasonability.

Donald Trump is exiting the office of the presidency in the same manner that he hijacked it, for the sole purpose of advancing his nefarious pursuits with the full cooperation of the cowardly and vile GOP.

From the white terrorists who stormed Charlottesville, VA to the Black Lives Matter protests in DC, that turned violent in the summer of 2020 with deadly retaliation from law enforcement, as armed policeman didn’t hold back teargassing and spraying rubber bullets at unarmed peaceful protesters, some of whom were critically injured and even maimed — Trump’s presidency has been a national emergency from Day 1. …

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Protesting Trump’s arrival after El Paso shooting in 2019 — Image: Mario Tama/Getty

The latest shit fest involving Donald Trump, a lame duck president, who is hellbent on intensifying the grip on his reign of terror by utilizing his tools of preference, namely Twitter and of course the dependable currency of white male privilege is just another example of America’s explosive addiction to white power.

Breaking news blasted through Sunday evening with published transcripts of yet another damning phone call involving the Thug-in-Chief and his idiotic lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, who kept fumbling around on behalf of her desperate and deranged client, in an effort to advance baseless claims and conspiracy theories for the sole purpose of invalidating the results of the 2020 presidential elections. …

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Image: Nashville Police Department

As 2020 comes to a sobering end, it’s blatantly clear that the toxically high levels of hysteria, hopelessness and paranoia, festering from the hostile climate, hosted by the ravages of COVID-19, and the Murderer-in-Chief who greatly assisted in exacerbating the direness of a national tragedy, will be readily carried over to 2021.

Continuing with the grim trend of what was supposed to be a reasonably optimistic start to a brand new decade, Christmas Day 2020 was a memorable one for all the wrong reasons.

A 63-year-old, white male, Anthony Warner, made the decision to greet the early morning of Christ’s birth with an explosive device that shattered parts of downtown Nashville.

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Death Squad. Image: Tasos Katopodis/Getty

The pompous killer of the American dream

There’s no question that the dreaded second surge of COVID-19 is in full swing not just around the country, but all over the world, as the somber statistics track the steady rise of new cases, and the increasing death toll that will sadly not be curbed before the scorn of 2020 runs out.

London is barely recovering from the sudden spike in the number of infections, and the appearance of a fast spreading new variant of COVID, that has proven to be the major setback in the otherwise encouraging momentum of trending away from downward spiral.

But when it comes to notable performances of wealthy and powerful nations, who are demonstratively equipped with abundance of resources and access to the greatest and brightest minds that this century has generously produced, the United States of America has fallen tragically short of the most modest of expectations. …

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Beautiful fogginess obstructing dangled frost hanging loosely
as closed lips breath in and out for clouds to part.
Walking to nowhere is better than sitting somewhere, stewing in drags
of puffs, sailing to catch what can’t fall.
Familiar hymns frame memories unclogged, images too wet for drying,
form a circus of what played out, when youth swaddled threats.
Catching birds in flight, black wings provocatively storming grayness
perched low for righteous reckoning.

Stubborn traveling under heaviness of heart, leaving trails of dull red
from under you, footsteps grow deeper in the strength
of borrowed weakness.

From afar, moving heads turn and bow without knowledge of why.
Closer still, emphatic sounds from squealing beaks, tucked into electricity,
striking dramatized silence of the morning.
Aloneness is the power of one, surrounded by the chill of company
frigidly abrasive, sullenly comforting in the throes of emptiness,
opaquely imposing for those who can’t surrender to stretches of damnation. …

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It’s not fear of mortality

There’s nothing more secure than the power of blissful youthfulness, the kind that happens to everyone during that magical phase in all our lives, when the road to endless possibilities is luxuriously outstretched with seductive foreverness.

Looking back, it doesn’t seem like it was two decades ago, when I arrived in New York City, fresh off the Greyhound that took a couple of days to drive in from the city of my college graduation. I can still feel the night breeze on my bruised shoulder in the summer of my emancipation from the stifling grip of the Midwest.

My parents had been emphatically against my relocation to the romanticized metropolis that resembles the beautiful chaos of Lagos, where I grew up. But you can’t dissuade the self-centered motivations of a twenty-three-year-old English major, who harbors dreams of being an actress someday. …


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