Not too long ago, viewers that were tuned into MSNBC’s The ReidOut were feted to a fitting takedown of Fox News henchman Tucker Carlson, who has always been the preferred punching bag of liberal talking heads situated in prominent newsrooms, but lately the mania has become even more aggressive.

It’s hard to decipher whether or not the performative aspects of media personalities were just as polarizing before Donald Trump hijacked The White House. The last four years of a rogue presidency seeped in criminalized activities and the potency of packaged untruths are a fiery blur.

But what can’t be disputed…


Not now, not ever

During a segment on the esteemed NBC Nightly News, a reporter was sent out to investigate the slow resurgence of the job industry, as businesses struggle to get back to form, while dealing with the added stress of hunting for potential candidates to fill the open positions that are gathering dust from lack of public interest.

It didn’t take long for my growing suspicions to be realized when aggravated business owners took advantage of the temporary spotlight and swiftly launched into accusatory mode against out-of-work Americans.

Their argument echoes the blatant ignorance displayed by former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin who…


What do you think?

Even posing the question that challenges whether or not America is a racist country is in itself quite the racist stance, when you consider the violent series of events that transpired in the quest to uphold the statutes of white supremacy, and permanently destabilize the survivability of natives, criminally tossed out of the land they were born to inherit.

Likewise, the venom of white evangelism made its way to Black and Brown territories with the mission statement of British imperialism, that still dictates the manner in which invaluable resources are dispersed to the western world, while victimized originators of those…

Photo: Nicholas Kamm/Getty

About a week ago, the entire nation held its breath and braced for the city of Minneapolis in the wake of the Derek Chauvin trial and the chosen jurors, who had the power to gift George Floyd’s bereaved family members with the justice that alluded those who were scarred with betrayals of a biased judicial process.

The former Minneapolis police officer and lifelong white supremacist was found guilty on all three accounts and currently awaits sentencing, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

While there was jubilation in the streets and in Black homes across the nation, there was…

Real or Fake?

Against my better judgment, I feel the need to touch on the touchy controversy surrounding Khloe Kardashian’s touched up viral photo that was “mistakenly” plastered all over social medium by one of her “assistants,” spearheading a weeks-long hysteria that’s finally winding down.

While Khloe’s dedicated handlers worked overtime to achieve the impossible task of scrubbing away the problematic evidence of why the never-ending pursuit for perfection is a debilitating addiction, well-meaning essays tackling the harmful policing of women’s bodies expectedly sprouted up to anchor the alighted moment of lessons that can be learned.

For her part, the tallest Kardashian sister…

She should be alive

A 16-year-old Black girl, Ma’Khia Bryant was shot multiple times by police in Columbus, OH on the same day that Derek Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree manslaughter, including two additional charges that prove beyond a doubt that George Floyd was a Black victim of police brutality.

Why is Ma’Khia Bryant dead?

We’ve been given varying versions of the unfathomable event involving police officers that were called to the scene, allegedly by the teenager they ended up killing.

Shortly after the arrival of police officers, a Black girl reportedly wielding a knife with a threatening stance against the other teen girls around her was mercilessly…


George Floyd’s murderer, Derek Chauvin, a white supremacist, who weaponized his white power against an unarmed, non-threatening Black man who begged for his life before cruelly losing it to systemic violence, was found guilty of all three charges, including second-degree manslaughter.

The murderous former Minneapolis cop could get from 12 to 40 years in prison for each charge. The same judge who recently weaponized his white power to vilify the perfectly logical statement made by Congresswoman Maxine Waters, regarding Chauvin’s possible acquittal, will be the one tasked with deciding the fate of a notorious white supremacist and convicted murderer.


Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

Judge Peter Cahill denied the motion for a mistrial during closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial, before the deliberation phase was activated. But Judge Cahill didn’t miss the opportunity to grant Chauvin’s defense attorney a righteous gift by acknowledging the source for the last-ditch effort to game the system on behalf of a murderous former cop.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has never been shy about vocalizing her assessment when it comes to national emergencies that are a matter of life and death, and her recent statements regarding the high-stakes of a murder trial that had to deliver the only verdict…

Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer speaking at a press conference — Photo: Getty Images

As a weary nation that’s still in the depths of despair from the ongoing ravages of COVID, simultaneously battles the domestic terrorism of back-to-back mass shootings and hate crimes in the form of police brutality, we’re also reminded of the trauma stemming from systemic injustice, that remains unchecked.

As a Black woman in America, my trigger centers are alighted whenever the memory of Sandra Bland resurfaces. …


I recently had a rather enlightening conversation with my 9-year-old niece that refreshingly permitted each of us to be intimately honest about our versions of life’s expectations from the perspective of youthful ideals and mature resolution.

Like most little girls with an active imagination that creates vibrant visuals of what makes daydreaming a gratifying sport, my talkative niece has reached the precious phase in her life, that allows her to contemplate an exciting future ahead, based on the takeaways from shifting and steady environments.

When we last hung out, she proudly recognized her growth spurt, and I pointed out how…

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