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Will it give the asshole another major win?

The final stretch of the 2020 presidential election has arrived with furious anticipation for the shit fest that’s about to unfold, with potential denting of the duplicitous electoral college, that roared a former reality TV star and crooked businessman into the highest office in the land.

A repeat?

Who the hell knows!

What can’t be disputed, even by the white folks, who will surely vote to reelect their supreme leader, based solely on his track record of unsightly bigotry, and vitriol directed at harassed communities, migrants from “shit hole” countries, Muslim-Americans and those who aren’t suitable for the mission statement of #MAGA, is the absolute power of Donald Trump’s white male privilege. …

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In these States of America?

Social media platforms are bursting with high-energy, as users fill massive landscapes with evidence of what most of us are experiencing, during this unprecedented season of utter chaos and acute fear of what’s to come in the prolific weeks ahead.

Twitter is my engagement of choice, and for better or worse it has my attention for most of the hours of the day and night.

Over the last couple of weeks, the mood swings of engagers has elevated in response to active debates, that incite frustration and resentment over hot-button issues, that are evidential of how very little progress has been made, centuries later. …

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This climate of reckoning that’s holding influential industries hostage with the mandate of swiftly discarding all evidence of foulness has been long overdue.

It’s both interesting and mildly amusing to observe the blare of headlines, that confirm the sense of urgency, dictating the desperation and fear plaguing notable corporations and white celebs as they go above and beyond to avoid getting entangled by the mercilessness of cancel culture.

Outdated episodes from iconic shows are getting pulled, white actors and actresses are resigning their voice-over roles as characters-of-color, corporate heads at white-owned companies are stepping down in response to public uproar over normalized lack of diversity — the accountability list is ever growing. …


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