Sophie Reynolds

5 Questions With Sophie Reynolds, Star of YouTube’s “Youth and Consequences”

Eighteen-year-old former Disney staple — Sophie Reynolds is currently embodying a role that is a bit of a departure from previous projects that include her TV debut in 2015 — Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything — where she played the tomboyish — “Ashley.”

Her career was launched with that outing due to the popularity of that character — and soon other opportunities started rolling in — and in 2016 she was cast as “Cammie” in the television version of R.L. Stein’s original novel Mostly Ghostly 3: One Night in Doom House. Her co-stars included Morgan Fairchild and Danny Trejo. The film centers on a group of old friends who embark on a fantastical adventure in a quest to rid the world of Ghosts and Ghouls.

Her latest project is the YouTube teen dramedy — Youth and Consequences — that made its debut on March 7th. The series is already gaining a lot of traction for its honest and raw portrayal of the complexities of teen life — particularly in a high school setting. Reynold plays the role of “Plain Jane” who battles the burden of her own insecurities — despite befriending the most popular girl in school. The themes are also purposely inclusive and sensitive to the current climate — as storylines tackle issues pertaining to “transgender students,” “teen suicides,” “family dysfunction,” and “female friendships.”

Reynolds started out as a dancer at the tender age of four — and got into acting to help elevate her performance skills by successfully merging the two worlds for the overall effect.

As her acting career takes off — Reynolds is committed to staying loyal to her true love — by accommodating frequent practicing sessions that continue to broaden her scope to different genres like ballet, jazz, tap, etc.

We were able to find out more about her trajectory and what her hopes and dreams are when she weighs her obviously bright and solid future in entertainment.

Who and what inspired you to get into the entertainment business?

I don’t think my inspiration came from one person as much as it just came from a love of performing. I started dance class at age 3 and fell in love with it. When I found acting at 15, everything kind of clicked. I feel most inspired by how complex people are and finding what motivates different people in life, so in a way everyone inspires me to do what I do.

What do you love the most about what you do?

I think what I love the most, is being able to make people feel. Emotions and feelings are universal, but I think sometimes we’re so afraid of being vulnerable in life that it can feel like we’re the only ones going through something. Actors get to share the vulnerable sides of people and their stories. I think film and tv have a way of making us all feel less alone, and getting to be a part of that is amazing.

Can you talk more about your latest project and how it differs from your days at Disney?

My latest show is called Youth & Consequences and it is streaming now on YouTube Red! The show is a high school dramedy and centers around how we navigate power and social status, and how we can use it to affect change. The lead character, Farrah played by Anna Akana, is your high school queen bee but she’s so much more than a stereotype, which is what I love about the show. I play “Plain Jane,” one of the girls in Farrah’s crew. Throughout the season, Jane is really trying to find how to use her voice. She’s going through the struggle of wanting to fit in and be popular, but also wanting to be herself, something that so many of us have gone through at some point in our lives. She’s an incredibly loving character, and I loved getting to play her.

t was definitely an entirely different experience than my Disney show and it has been an amazing project. I love how we get to tackle so many important political and social issues, such as transgender rights and gender equality, something that I wasn’t always able to do on Disney. I think a lot my fans are growing up with me, so I’m excited to be able to make content that grows with them.

How did your earlier work shape you as an actress?

I’ve learned so much from every project I’ve done. Even simply knowing how to navigate and work on a set was a huge learning experience at first. I think being part of the Disney family also taught me to find the fun in everything I do, and I’m really thankful for that. Each project I’ve done has really reaffirmed to me that this is what I want to do. I also think I’ve learned how gratifying it is to be a part of something that has a message and a voice I can be proud of. Picking those kinds of projects has become really important to me, and that’s part of why I’m so proud of Youth and Consequences.

What is your projection for the next five years?

I’d like to say I know exactly where I’ll be in five years, but I don’t. That’s one of the crazy, beautiful things about this industry is that you never know what’s coming next. It’s really taught me to be open to all the possibilities around me. I will say, I’m extremely excited for the future and I want to keep exploring complex and diverse roles in both TV and film.

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