13 Reasons Why ‘Dear White People’ is Compulsory Viewing

It’s clever as fuck. From the effortless witty dialogue to the exceptionally-conceived characters — this almost perfect entry operates like a well-oiled machine.

It doesn’t rely on operatic themes for audience consumption. Unlike headache-inducing shows like Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder — that are basically overly-dramatized music videos — Dear White People is a stripped down wonder that dares viewers to stick around for more.

It’s timing is impeccable. This is the force behind the show’s marketing — and while it may sound like what you’ve heard before — this time it’s for real. There is no escaping the fact that the arrival of this latest gem is appropriately exploitive.

The TV adaptation is way better than the movie. You’ve probably also heard this rumor floating around. The good news is that it’s stemming from an accurate source. The show is more appealing than the 2014 sleeper hit, which is admittedly quite feat.

It’s smooth like butter and doesn’t get slippery. Tackling racially heavy topics can be a messy affair, but somehow this show escapes the potential handicap of being generically unsound or rife with stereotypical jargon.

If you hate White People you will be intrigued and if you hate Black people — you will be more intrigued. It’s a win win for all. It’s also a lesson on how the complexities of this relationship go deeper than the love/hate mileage.

The light vs dark scenario is a gorgeous mix of sentimental value. This debate still rages on in a community that has been forced into such labels due to societal handicaps. It’s refreshing to watch it play out in a manner that is jarringly relatable.

The acting is glowingly superb in an unexpected way. In a show where the leads are actors of color — it’s extra dope to be treated to the polished skills of thespians who are surely on their way to greatness and beyond.

If you think you know enough about racism to get by — think again. This series isn’t a starter kit for those in the dark neither is it a refresher course. It’s a thorough glossary that exposes cold-hearted truths.

It’s hysterically funny, comfortingly affecting and refreshingly intelligent in its delivery. You actually feel your brain cells doing the electric slide. And that rarely happens.

Yes, White critics love it too which tends to make potential Black viewers skeptical, but trust me — they had no choice. It’s really that good!

If you believe Get Out is the best film of the year — then Dear White People follows suit as the best TV series of 2017.

I love Dear White People for the same reasons I hated 13 Reasons Why — two very different shows with identical mission statements: Buy what we’re selling.

This time — I’m sold! And you should be too.

And I lied, there are actually 14 reasons why — click here for the bonus.

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