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10 Reasons Why Janet Jackson is Too Dope for The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

1) She’s Janet Jackson. Miss Jackson…If You’re Nasty.

2) She can be relied on to get you out of a funk and on your feet — Any Time, Any Place.

3) She literally helped conceive a whole generation based on her Pleasure Principle.

4) Because of Love and our unrelenting adulation we’ve danced All Nite and given her Control over our most fevered emotions.

5) In 2015, she brought us all Together Again to witness her spectacular comeback.

6) The Feedback from her latest and eleventh LP proves she means it when she says it’s All For You.

7) She conceived Rhythm Nation so that Every Time we hear it, we remember that all the bullshit Doesn’t Really Matter.

8) It makes her fans want to Scream each time she is denied entry into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It was just announced that she failed to make the cut. Again.

9) But we Shoulda Known Better. When it comes to dope black women — the industry is always like — Whoops Now! Better luck next time!

10) Well fuck it! She isn’t losing No Sleep over it.

She remains gorgeously and regally — Unbreakable.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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